Islamists gaining ground in Egypt

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Abdiel, Jul 30, 2011.

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  1. Same thing will happen in Libya when they sort them selves out....and in the other so called arab spring countries.
  2. Yeah, that was really hard to foresee, wasn't it?

    Arab Spring my arse.
  3. It was on the cards since day one.

    Tin foil hat on.

    On the one side of the Med angry Fundamentalist Muslims. On the other side liberal Christians desperate not to offend, and skint to boot.

    We are dead meat.

    Where did I leave me prayer mat might need it in a year or two.

    Tin foil hat off
  4. How come the British Government got involved in Libya when the country is bankrupt?
  5. They must have discovered extra oil!

  6. That's quite a metaphor:
  7. As Kissinger pointed out revolution frequently don't end up with the folks that started them in charge. It's arguable if we have yet had a revolution in Egypt.

    In this one a parallel succession crisis was solved by the General Staff opportunistically using bread riots, union dissent, some youth protests and some well laid army astroturf to oust the Mubarak clan.

    Despite the media's happy babble this did not turn Cario politics upside down. The Generals are now in power and to muzzle the mob and preserve Nasser's rentier state they've chosen to get into bed with the conservative Muslim Brothers. The army and the Brothers are a pretty powerful combination, both are popular institutions and so are not remotely scared of contesting power democratically with Egypt's shallow rooted progressives. In the recent free and fair constitutional referendum their forces won by a landslide. This has let the liberals in disarray and fearful of the upcoming elections.

    From ours and others point of view this at least offers some of the advantages of Mubarak's police state. The Army was Mubarak's power base and can be easily bribed into a measure of obedience while it holds effective power Egypt's restive street is a problem contained.

    The Saudis have offered a four billion dollar bung to The Brass. DC has been in talks with The Brothers working out a Modus Vivendi. After all any reading of the recent polls suggests a genuinely representative government coming to Cairo is a nightmare scenario for the status quo.

    The Brotherhood has undergone some internal turmoil particularly amongst its youth wing, its not clear how it would behave as a notionally dominant political entity. Cario's generals having let the revolutionary djinn out of the bottle may yet face a coherent threat to its power that won't be so compromised. What that might look like is not clear yet.
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  8. Its America's plan to bring in the Islamists, put them in power, arm them, and work with them against Shia Iran, the Muslim brotherhood is fiercely Anti Shia, and very Deobandi and Wahabi....America is playing a very dangerous game.
  9. I wonder what other crack pot theories you have going on in that neanderthal brain of yours.
  10. We don't really care.

    Yours Sincerely,

    The Americans.
  11. If America can put Islamists into power in Afghanistan, and then arm them in Bosnia and Kosovo, and recently in Libya and Syria, what makes you think the Muslim brotherhood isnt under their thumb.

    What theories, I am using common sense and a **** like you, obviously a hoodlum by the looks of it, doesnt accept truth nor reality!

    The Yanks are arming Islamsits in Libya, your silent on that issue arnt ya! if they could do it there, I am sure they can do it again, just to get Iran into trouble.
  12. Any zionists involved?
  13. As I said on an earlier thread, all the media hype about the "Arab Spring" being the green shoots of Democracy in N. Africa & the Middle east, is just the biggest load of garbage!! NONE of the early risings, Tunisia & Egypt have resulted in anything but the changing of a few faces at the top of the pecking order and releasing of thousands of prisoners, many of them leaders & members of Islamic fundamentalist groups, back into the mix! Not forgetting creating the probability of Millions more ASYLUM SEEKERS trying to get into Europe!
    Democracy is not a term understood by these countries, where corruption is endemic, the divide between rich & poor is huge, education patchy, to say the least, the population is hugely fast growing & young, there is insufficient employment to utilise even the well educated, hence the frustration!
    The west, the USA & UK in particular have spent BILLIONS of £'s & $'s aiding/bribing many of the regimes to "stay onside" in political & policy terms! This in the main went into the pockets of those at the top of the tree & their minions with a fair bit spent on defence ! With very little filtering down to the masses! The Islamic fundamentalist, aided no doubt by Saudi bungs, or in Bahrains case, Iran, are getting reorganised and are going to pose an ever increasing threat to the West in the foreseable future!
  14. Foggy Bottom is infested with the buggers but I think they'll be none too happy dealing with the MB. They're just desperate to keep the Camp David huge US tax payer bungs for peace deal in place. It's not like the twittering progressive groups are very keen on peace with Israel anyway, they were trying to raise a petition to can the treaty a couple of years ago.