Islamist radicals calling Arabian Sea 'Martyrs Sea' after OBL takes a one way swim…

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by sunnoficarus, May 5, 2011.

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  1. My Bold

    Well thought through. :thumright:
  2. Just mine the beach front, in Southsea too!
  3. Any luck they will make a one way pilgrimage to join him
  4. Since martyr is used in the plural we can expect more. Which is cause for joy.
  5. I'm off to Morecambe in a couple of weeks, if I take a wazz in the oggin it should meet up with yours and send a double whammy to them.
    But let's be clear, it's the only bodily fluid I'm sharing with you, you mucky git. ;-)
  6. BS you lucky barsteward....i ve always wanted to go to Morecombe but i actually saved my pennies for a proper holiday .....But I will Pi$$ in the Indian Ocean
  7. Hmmm... sacred relics of OBL eh! I'll have to have word with a mate of mine who was on the raid (say no more, nudge nudge) & see if he managed to get the various bits of excrement & pee belonging to OBL, I could them package little bits up in pastic bags, bottles & flog em on t'internet as genuine OBL shit, along with my little scam, oops sacred relic sales of dodgy "ZAM ZAM" water! I'm sure the stupid ***** wouldn't realise I'd swopped it all for PIGSHIT, most of the ******* are that stupid!!!
  8. Done that in a past life, but got loads of sprogs to cart around now so it's a mahoosive new tent, a large beer cooler and a log burner for the next few years. And a barbie of course. And a white wine or fruit based drink for the wife... ;-)
    I might see if she'll have a wazz in the sea too.

  9. Man luv thursday matey.

  10. Must admit, I am struggleing to comprehend the logic of lobbing his body in to the briney deep for Davy Jones...

    Besides the Bay of Pigs would be a better location for such a 'deep six' surely?

    'Deep six, by Team Six'?
  11. Plans are afoot to build a convalescent hospital for injured Taliban members on the shore. It will be called The Martyr's Sea Wogs Home.
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  12. Hmm isn't it due time the Americans changed their story as to where they dumped OBL's body. The rest of their operational facts have changed at least twice up til now...

    If they do we could end of with every ocean being referred to as Martyrs Sea.
  13. I don't reckon his body was dumped at sea.

    He was deposited at teh Bush residence chained to a chair and both senior and junior bushs are currently on a 24hour dancing marathon dancing around him with straight razor, whilst 'stuck in th middle with you' plays on the radio.
  14. Having worked in Pakistan and witnessed the locals urinating and defecating in the street with impunity, I am sure that homage will be paid in abundance throughout the Islamic world.