Islamist Attacks in France and Tunisia

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by BarcelonaAnalPark, Jun 26, 2015.

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  1. It's not so much about being 'to blame' it appears it's more about them 'expected' to offer information and guidance.

    TUI allegedly told its customers it's '100%' safe, yet the FCO website said there was a threat of terrorism and kidnapping. Still smacks of a excuse of lack of personal responsibility. "They said it was safe, but I didn't bother to check myself" So they took as red a salesman's advice, who's on commission for that sale, without actually checking if a country in North Africa is safe. A country next to violent and unstable Libya, a nation with active ISIS presence BTW

    A lot more info is in this link.

    Travel firm told Sousse survivors Tunisia was 100% safe, inquest hears
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  2. Tbf the '100% safe' advice was from some chopper on the shop floor/phone & I'd say anyone who is on the look out for a cheap holiday & accepts that as gospel using it post event as a 'well they told us etc' excuse should shove their head in a wood chipper. Those types of hols are cheap for a reason.
    It certainly doesn't absolve a travel coy from making adequate security provisions but it also doesn't absolve Joe fuckwit public from doing their own diligence checks on the safety of any destination. I do it for every overseas place i visit. I'm off to Morocco in a few weeks,, I've already looked at the location, checked the FCO advice & nearer to the ToD I'll check again & make sure I know how to get to consular /embassy help if I need it. I'll also have an exfil plan I'll have looked at. Anyone who wanders off to anywhere where there is mid level threat to westerners is fooking tool for not doing something similar.
  3. Why do that when you, or your NOK, can insist the Coroner declares TUI negligent, then it's a massive KERCHING!!

    £££££££££££££££££££££ overrules common sense donchaknow?
  4. My last visit to Morocco was about 18 months ago and visible security was being stepped up then, to the extent that for the first time in almost a decade of travelling and staying there, I saw armed Soldiers patrolling with Police at airports and most railway stations for the first time. Moroccan Friends over there tell me that their govt. has issued high level terrorist alerts asking people to be on their guard, I find it a terrible shame that these extremist nutters are spoiling it for virtually the whole of Islamic MENA.
    I lived in Morocco happily and safely, travelling from the North down through much of the country to the start of the Sahara south of the Atlas mountains, for about 7 years, finding the Moroccans, in the main, friendly and helpful (apart from their abysmal/dangerous driving). I could even buy some quite cheap locally produced wine to drink.
    Some reports I am now getting from my Moroccan friends still there, point to the increased danger of attack there down to the ever increasing, insidious influence of the Saudi wahhabism which is funded there and most of the other flash points by the Saudis & Gulf states. There has even been criticism of the King by certain hard line groups abroad and even some in Morocco, for his banning of the production of Face veils & the wearing of Burkas in Morocco for security reasons.. Reports: Morocco bans sale of full-face veil
    IMHO anyone travelling to the MENA should be aware that there are religious nutters who are being encouraged by certain groups to attack Westerners and despite the majority of the population being OK, it only takes one idiot with a knife to kill or maim, never mind AK 47's or grenades, and as we have seen all around the world, thanks to the Saudi & Gulf funding & backing, there are a growing number of these around, hence I will NOT be venturing there for the foreseeable future.
  5. Morocco is a very different kettle of fish to Tunisia. Morocco's Jihadist Paradox, Unraveled
    It has excellent internal security and since the Casablanca bombings of 2003, has been very proactive in rounding up the usual suspects. Where they are very different from Tunisia is in leadership.
    Morocco 's monarchy has taken its responsibility more seriously, hence why the King didn't have as significant protests against him in 2011-2012.

    Pre Jasmine revolution, the Tunisian security forces were primarily enforcers for a very corrupt and rapacious regime.
    Rebuilding/reforming without backsliding into the same repressive habits as before is a challenge. Their army is much more trusted, but small so committed to Ops on the western frontier with not much slack for tourist areas.
    The economy is very dependent on tourism, however the experience of an islamist government under Ennahada and it's failures means as long as the tourism dip isn't too long, then there isn't as much risk to regime collapse.
    As well as supporting security forces, being able to change the travel advice in due course is an important support.
    The French and Spanish holidaymakers are back in their preferred resorts, it is surprising to see how many hotels relied on a British pound.
    Tunisia is also seen a traditional French sphere of influence, so like most former French colonies, there will be big gendarme and police training links and programmes.

    Keeping MMCC on time and target...
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