Islamist Attacks in France and Tunisia

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by BarcelonaAnalPark, Jun 26, 2015.

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  1. Lacking Moral Fibre

    Lacking Moral Fibre Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    That particular lunatic will hopefully be away for a decades, ISIL are practising genocide and yet many are flocking to that cause. I do not see any
    Yeah so what? The Nazis built some cracking buildings, bunkers, tanks, u boats.......
    Your not really convincing me! Yes I do read the Daily Mail.
  2. The photo duckula posted is the blue mosque not the hagia sophia. But as its not blue we can probably still conclude that they are dicks.
  3. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    Saw something similar painted on the sea-wall at Lochgoilhead in 1966, except it said 'Yankees'.
  4. Did the locals make imaginative use of paving slabs to underline the sentiments behind the graffiti?
  5. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    I think they were all in the pub.
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  6. Tunisia beach attack victims let down by "cowardly" security forces - UK inquiry
    Coroner's not too happy with the Tunisian security forces:
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  7. They might do... if the health of their country's economy did not rely so heavily on foreign tourism. The economy fails, then so to eventually will the government and very likely into the hands of Islamists of one sort or another.
  8. With negligence and civil claims coming into tour operators from the families, I can't imagine TUI will be too keen on resuming business as usual.

    I really do not understand this Tour Operator liability thing for terrorism. The terrorist or terrorist nation is to blame for terrorism, how on earth a Tour Operator can be held culpable is rather odd? Would I sue Qantas for getting eaten by a shark in Australia?
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  9. Of course you don't understand it.
    You are not thick, greedy and wanting someone to blame who has money.
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  10. Not disagreeing with that, though I suspect that we will be treated to the Tunisian version of 'lessons have been learned' etc. Given that the country is bounded East and West by Libya and Algeria respectively, their porous borders are ripe for exploitation. Though nominally a secular state, there is (apparently) a growing underground that supports full sharia.
  11. No, it would have to be a family member or partner.
  12. I went to Marrakesh with TUI last year and the hotel security was a bit of a joke. Bag checks and a security arch at the front of reception, but you could bypass reception and go straight to your room and the hotel grounds. You could even the enter reception via a second entrance that was unmanned. Under those circumstances I can see the possibility of a claim if anything happens. However even then it would be pushing it. If there had been an attack in Marrakesh city centre then the tour operator has the same level of responsibility as a hotel in London would during a terrorist attack there.

    On a slight side note, I got a phone call yesterday from one of those PPI type companies yesterday. Would I like to sue my holiday company? Obviously I'd had my holiday ruined by getting the screaming abdabs from the hotel restaurant and I could be entitled to up to £2300 in compensation.

    Who would want to run a holiday company these days?