Islamist Attacks in France and Tunisia

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by BarcelonaAnalPark, Jun 26, 2015.

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  1. Well, it's cheaper than Dignitas.
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  2. Anybody who goes to Turkey for a holiday needs putting down.
  3. Why?
  4. OK, ~64 million. I was out by 6%, oh dear me.

    The use of the poppy was inspired by "In Flanders Fields", and is in particular to remember the dead of WW1 & 2. Not sure where I'm wrong chap.
  5. Absolutely, all Arabs must be barbarians. Just as all English are fat overweight sluts. Oops, hang on...
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  6. I've been there twice on Exercise and during R&R periods and getting out and about have found the Turks to be the biggest, snidey bunch of ***** that I've ever come across. My interaction with them outside of Turkey backs my observations up too.
  7. My personal experiences were positive.
  8. Lacking Moral Fibre

    Lacking Moral Fibre Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Yes mate I think they (Arabs) are barbarians. They love to kill each other and are quiet happy to add us into the mix when they can. History seems to confirm this.
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  9. Yes - Western/European history is, by contrast, free of butchery and blood letting. Apart from all those wars.
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  10. What it seems like is they believed the Tunisian Government when they said they would improve security. But then looked at what had actually been done and realised that while the additional 'security measures' might look impressive, it doesn't actually achieve much.

    The Tunisians are the darlings of the West at the moment. They are the only country to come close to what the US/UK/EU hoped to see come out of the Arab Spring. Which is a double edged sword for them. 50 years of living in a dictatorship tells them that everyone with a beard should be rounded up and tortured until the problem is gone, but at the same time they really, really want to look like a proper democracy and show the same restraint that Europe uses.

    Unfortunately for them while their police are more than capable of doing the first option, they don't have the training, experience or professionalism to pull off the second one.
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  11. Lacking Moral Fibre

    Lacking Moral Fibre Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    I agree Sir, but we know no longer put people to death because of who they pray to-we used to, your right Mr Cromwell and his army did 400 years ago.
  12. Yer! What have the Tunisians ever done for us?
  13. Very good points. I've seen on Twitter that someone in the Tunisian government is gobbing off at the British government for having issued this statement.

    Whilst I sympathise at the plight of Tunisian pockets, my loyalties don't lie on that side of the Med.
  14. Maybe so but the last attempt to kill someone because they believe in the wrong religion was on January 14th this year.
    The victim wasn't even a Muslim, which was the intended target of the would be killer.
  15. Last time I was in Turkey the first thing we saw on leaving the dockyard gate, whilst on the coach to Marmaris, was graffiti daubed on a building saying "Go home NATO b@stards". It was out of season so not many holiday makers around. Several members of the ship's company got "picked off" by locals when returning to the designated congregation area for the coach back. The RFA that was with us had it's whole flight OPDEF'd due to the flight observer and a few others having half a paving slab dropped on them as they attempted to stop one of the wrens getting filled in by locals. The tactic was - two blokes on a moped would drive by and throw something / attempt to provoke - then a whole swarm of them would appear.
    I no longer trust Turks.
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