Islamist Attacks in France and Tunisia

Guido has posted tweets from a French News Agency....

Beheading and an Islamic flag featuring....

Edit to add

One man has died and several people were hurt after an attack on a factory, near Lyon in central France on Friday. The attacker was reportedly carrying an Islamist flag.

Main events:

  • One dead, several hurt in attack on French factory: legal source
  • Attacker on French factory reportedly carrying Islamist flag
  • Decapitated body found near attacked French factory
11:22 - One person has been arrested

Local newspaper Le Dauphiné Liberé is reporting that a man has been arrested at the scene. There's been no confirmation whether the arrested man is the attacker.
Map on that page puts it just outside Lyon....
******* hell, here we go again,,,,,,,,
Apparently, the external intelligence services know who this person is. Bit of an odd euphemism.
Reports here say that the "suspect" arrested is someone known to the security services.

Quelle surprise


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It appears to be over with an arrest made.
From the same link above...

11:43 - Arabic writing scrawled on victim's head

According to AFP's legal source Arabic writing was also scrawled on the decapitated head of the victim that was found hanging on the fence of the company grounds.

11:40 - Victim's head 'found on fence of company enclosure'

Local media is reporting that the head of the victim was found "hanging on the fence" of the factory.
The head was found some distance from the body apparently... Some sort of sick individual......
Not a suicide attack was it? and the head is not a victim but the bomber's?
Air Products factory? What do they make that's upset the peace loving terrorists?

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