Islamism and not Israel is Irelands deadly enemy

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Islamism and not Israel is Ireland's deadly enemy

STILL high summer but whenever the hot sun hides behind a cloud you can feel the autumnal chill. It may be an augury of what is happening in our wider world. We in the West are facing a long winter.

Looking back I see the same chill in last week's column. With what turned out to be grim topicality I tried to tell you why Tony Blair is taking such a hard line on Islamism. He's afraid. Now you know why.

Tony Blair is afraid because he has seen the intelligence reports. But since 9/11 we don't need intelligence reports to tell us what Islamist militants might do. Edmund Burke is right when he says: "There is no safety for honest men but believing all possible evil of evil men."

I believe that ideological Islamism has no boundaries. As I have said before it is only a matter of time before Islamic terrorists use a tactical nuclear device in London or New York. Millions will die.

And the mushroom clouds won't spare this sacred island.

* * *

Most ordinary people I meet are terrified of Islamist terrorists. So why the massive gap between what most Irish people believe - that Islamism is the real problem - and what the Irish political class, led by Bertie Ahern, seems to believe - that Israel is the major problem?

Compare any private conversation about Islamic issues with the absolute silence from RTE and our political class about the implications of educated British Muslims planning to murder thousands of their fellow citizens. Are we asked to accept that no Irish Muslims share their beliefs?

In sum, why is the Irish media and political class so hard on Israel and so soft on Islamist ideology - an ideology which enjoys substantial support among Muslims across Europe and indeed Ireland, and which bothers Irish people much more than Israel?

There are two parts to the answer.

* * *

First, if you want to feel comfortable in left-wing circles you have to hate Israel. Why a socialist should have to hate a democracy like Israel more than any of the squalid dictatorships of modern times simply makes no sense. But they do. And the sheer irrationality of singling out Israel for so much media abuse makes me suspect that there is some other agenda.

The left is loud in protesting that it is not anti-semitic. But if it is not anti-semitic, why does it single out Israel, above all nations on earth, for so much abuse? Surely common decency should make socialists circumspect about spending so much time denouncing a struggling democracy which was set up by people who had seen six million of their race done to death by educated Europeans?

The other side of the irrational anti-Israeli coin is an equally irrational indulgence of Islamism and an apparent indifference to what a big bomb could do to a British city. All week the old Sixties song hummed in my head: "Let me take you by the hand, and take you through the streets of London, I will show you something that will make you change your mind."

Actually I doubt that any atrocity would make the BBC and RTE left change its mind.

* * *

Let me show you what I mean. What did you feel when you first heard what happened in London last Thursday? Most of us felt shock, anger and the need to protect ourselves against Islamist intentions. But that was before the BBC and Sky and RTE started in on its standard two-part strategy of diversion and displacement.

First, instead of giving us an in-depth analysis of Islamist terrorism they gave us hours of what I can only call "airportism", rubbish about disruption and delays at airports, when what we needed was a re-run of John Ware's recent programmes on the Muslim Brotherhood - a terrifying tour which revealed why they must be fought to a finish.

After that the the BBC/Sky agenda moved to the second standard left line: "Muslim reactions to police raids". Instead of British Muslim leaders being asked what measures they were taking to stop their educated Muslims blowing up their fellow countrymen, the community leaders were given another chance to sound off against Israel.

At no stage was there any attempt to challenge Muslim spokespersons on their party line - that the problems of the Arab world can be blamed on Israel, and, by default, on Britain and America. But how could Muslim spokespersons be challenged about these attitudes since pretty much every BBC and RTE producer shares the same attitudes?

* * *

Behind these attitudes lie three barely-buried European prejudices: (a) the shadow of the anti-semitism of their grandfathers' generation; (b) fashionable French-style anti-Americanism (c); the romantic Arabism which was a feature of British foreign policy long before Lawrence of Arabia. This emerges as a fundamental tenet of the left - that Israel is the root cause of Islamic terrorism. But is this true?

Let me ask you a simple question. If every Israeli emigrated to the United States tomorrow, and a Palestine state was set up where Israel stands, do you believe that (a) that state would be a democracy, and (b) Islamist militants would call off their war on the West?

If you do, you must be in deep denial. This is not surprising, since deep denial is where most of the liberal left media live. But not just the liberal left. The Taoiseach, who took such a tough line on Israel, has asked no awkward questions about Islamic attitudes in Ireland.

And he is not alone. Most European politicians - except Tony Blair - are terrified of their Muslim immigrant minority and indulge them by beating up on Israel. But as soon as the bombs get bigger, and the atrocities more appalling, all this political correctness will be pushed aside. Irish Muslims should not be misled about our anger against Islamism.

The eminent political writer Ernest Gellner believes that Islamism is actually a kind of nationalism. There is increasing evidence that this is the case. Like communists in the Thirties, the majority of Islamic militants, although born in Britain or France, seem to give their loyalty to an international idea, as if it were their native state.

All this makes the integration of Irish Muslims all the more imperative. By integrate I do not mean creating a culture which they find completely congenial to their world view. By integrate I mean challenging any views Muslim immigrants might hold which are hostile to western democracy. I also mean making sure that Irish Muslims accept the values of western democracy.

This should be done now, before a bad bomb in Britain reveals what RTE is hiding from Irish Muslims - that most Irish people are terrified of Islamism and want to know whether Irish Muslims feel the same.

Meanwhile, we should stop the invective against Israel. We in Europe are going to endure extreme experiences before we see the end of al-Qaeda. But we should have the shame not to seek the same scapegoat we sought for centuries. The Jews.

Eoghan Harris

Eoghan Harris playwright, intelectual, journalist and Irish Republican writing in the Irish Republic's leading Sunday paper, Sunday Independent, date 13 August 2006.

Saludos Amigos
Pillager said:
I wasnt aware that Israel was Irelands enemy either.
Your right in saying that. Only recently did two Israeli Airforce tankers re-fuel at Shannon. Bit odd to land aircraft in a country you dont like!!!.
Taz_786 said:
This boyo shouldnt flatter Islamist bomb will ever go off in Dublin.
“No enemy aircraft will fly over the Reich territory”.
Reichmarschal Hermann Goering

France's frontier defences were based on a fortified zone from Verdun to Toul and isolated fortresses such as Épinal and Belfort. To the north, France relied on the impassable terrain of the central Ardennes forest

see also:

Saludos Amigos
Generic telling of Zapata that he's a mong post.
OOOOh I get it!

Because Ireland wont let Weapons be flown to Israel via Irish soil Israel is clearly an enemy of Ireland!!

Zapata you do realise that the world moved out of black and white television in 1954! One day your view of interntional affairs might move into shades of gray as well!
Eoghan Harris playwright, intelectual, journalist and Irish Republican writing in the Irish Republic's leading Sunday paper, Sunday Independent, date 13 August 2006.

er..not quite. More like a self serving egotistical know it all who thinks the sur shines where it most definitely don't. And who writes for a rag full of posh egotistical snobs whose only concern is seeing their latest exercised in ill thought out and uninformed journalism in print.

Ireland is a Western country. By virtue of being allegedly neutral and having being occupied by the British (let's not get into the history on that) carries a certain currency in the Arab world. All of which mitigates getting to the top of the Islamists shit list. We are no doubt on it, by reason of being a western infidel nation but they have so far got bigger fish to fry. Having Shannon as a transit point for US troops probably has not gone unnoticed but having a number of safe houses in Ireland for supporters of the radical Islamist cause and a government that lacks the will, or the legal basis (evidence that will stand up in court) to do something about it.

The government is made up of politicians who are reluctant to critize Israel for it's actions in order to avoid upsetting the administration in Washington by proxy. Dollars as ever rule the levels of outrage.
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