Islamic Terrorist arrests in Germany

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by H_FLASHMAN, Sep 5, 2007.

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  1. On BBC and Sky, several men arrested in Germany for planning terrorist attcks on Frankfurt Airport and Rammstein Airbase. They were arrested last night as they presented an imminent threat.

    No noticable effect in BFG this morning
  2. 8) Seems they had eaten Bratwersts for over a week and found out they were pork 8)
  3. see its not just us they hate. seems they hate most wetsern countries that are friends with america

  4. Well done the Jerries. Wonder if this involved GSG9? - Wouldn't want to mess with those bad boys.
  5. What people don't realise in countries which aren't involved in Iraq or Afghanistan (I'm thinking of Ireland here) is that this doesn't mean you aren't a target - it only means you are further down their target list.

  6. No No No, a lot of well meaning socially minded people on this site have assured me that its just out support for Afghanistan and Iraq.

    Nothing to do with us being Christian, not wanting Sharia Law, covered up woman, stoning for adultery, whipping for drinking beer, or any such thing.

    I’m sure of one these good souls will pop up and give us a rational explanation.
  7. Unlike her predecessor Merkel has allied herself very closely to the US and Israel, unfortunately this is what you're going to get as a result. Im just surprised it hasnt happened sooner. Also no, Ireland will never be attacked, they dont have any troops in Islamic countries. Remember bin Laden himself said he would have attacked Sweden if he was against freedom.
  8. There are Swedish troops in Afghanistan I believe,as part of ISAF.
  9. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    They were in the Lebanon for f***ing years!

    As for Merkel's divergence from her predecessor, it was Schroeder who sent the Bundeswehr into Afghanistan.
  10. What not even for the US military stop-over in Shannon?
  11. What utter shite. What was France, for example, doing wrong in the Islamic world doing when the GIA bombed the Paris Metro, or attempted to bomb the Christmas Market in Strasbourg?
  12. Should of shot them, saved on court/prison/flight to country of choice costs
  13. Ask Spain how much of a target they aren't - Al Q promised to leave them alone if they pulled their troops out. Yet the agents of the terrorist organisation are being sent to trial for offences commited AFTER the Madrid bombings.

    Then there is Saddams mate France. They condemned the Iraq War and look how muchactivity Al Q have been involved in against them.

    It is unfortunate but Al Queda are going to tip up in every developed country regardless of whether they supported the Iraq war.

    Bumhole is quite right though, posters ARE going to say it is a tiny minority of mulims who are like this - mainly because it is true