Islamic swim wear (none nude)

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by FunkyNewBlood, Apr 25, 2005.

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  1. This made me laugh!!

    Origin: Nice

    Quote - "Limited quantity: Big Sizes available"

    Don't worry, there is free shipping!

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  2. Noo. it can't be real!!! :lol:
  3. Noo. it can't be real!!! :lol:
  4. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    They won't be winning many Olympic medals in that lot, then. Surprised Speedo haven't got a line on this yet :D
  5. I know, FREE SHIPPING!! I couldnt believe it either!

    p.s. It is real, have a look around the site, you Western Slutt! Thats what you should be wearing on the beaches! INFEDELS!!
  6. Good to see tolerance of other values is alive and kicking within the Army. Its a bit like watching kids point to a bloke in a wheelchair and snigger.
  7. You probably won't appreciate this but I heard a rumour that the seams on these cossies are weighted with lead shot.
  8. Ahh, so because I find something funny I am a bad person? Sorry, take away ALL of my frigging rights why don't you.

    Tell you what, YOU tell ME what I find funny.

    Lib Dem by any chance? Not in the Service by any chance? Never even been in a NAAFI by any chance? Watching the Star Wars or Teletubbies doesnt equate to being enlightened.

    Time for Tubby Bye Bye.
    Time for Tubby Bye Bye.
  9. & what's wrong with that, you cnut? Go back to your "progressive" Unwashed 75 site where the only freedom of speech is the freedom to exclusively say whatever's permitted by the left-wing authodoxy of the day.

    And I'd laugh at you drowning in a tar pit too. Particularly if you were in a wheelchair. :twisted:
  10. Laird

    The seems are probably weighted to stop the material floating on the surface.


    Your not a bad person, honest. Like a child you are just misguided
  11. Chopper
  12. I think I might order one! Do ya think it'll look good on the beach in Ibiza :?:
  13. Do you mean ; "my brain seems to be weighted to stop the material floating on the surface, which is why I didn't use the word "seams" "
  14. Good idea - can I get one in pink? I don't feel quite old enough for a hideous flowery pattern yet - maybe next year :lol:
  15. No mate - How charmingly naive. The seems are weighted as in an islamic community one can have too many daughters.