Islamic School Protests in Camden NSW

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jon1467, May 26, 2008.

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  1. IMO, from the majority, that's hardly bigotry. Of course there will always be the 'muslim eat children' brigade trying to hijack it, but as long as they keep their problem with the planning application and not with the Muslim people, since they are the majority, it's just democracy in action.
  2. Perfectly reasonable.
    If the local populance don't want it surely they have the right to say so?
    They also have the right to be listened too by their elected representatives.

    What is really distateful is that we no longer have the right to have such opinions in this country. If your opinion doesn't fit with the right multi-cultural, PC message then you are labelled a facist or a bogot by cnuts like Sven.

    Good luck to the Australians on this one, perhaps they can prevent their country going down the pisher the way Britain has.
  3. I hope that the townsfolk win.
  4. They managed to fight off McDonald's so it's not just Muslims they have a sad on with.

    Seems to me like they have a large amount of older residents who, in typical old person fashion, are well NIMBY, though you have to admire them sticking to their guns on this, it seems they might win. Over here they'd be labeled as racist by the guardianistas straight away and the local council, undoubtably desperate to show their "multicultural credentials" would give it the thumbs up without fail.

    The whole idea of building such a school in this location makes no sense to me as the town has a relatively small Muslim population and I would imagine the bulk of the pupils would be coming from nearby Sydney. Wouldn't it be better to build it there?
  5. Rant on

    I'm of the opinion that no matter what the religion, secular schools are bad news. They breed extreme views and suspicions from all sides of the community. Religion based schools have no place in any country with a public school system. Move to Australia, your kids go to an Aussie school which is how it should be here.

    Rant off
  6. I think sometimes that these schools are built ust to prove a point and to gain that extra foothold. Give and inch, take a mile sort of thing.
  7. What about the Christian private schools in Australia, Catholic schools make up 21% of secondary school enrolements ( ). If these are to be allowed, why not the Muslim faith school? I know I'm playing devil's advocate here but, as an atheist, I fear that by allowing one, a rod is made for one's own back.
  8. Personally I agree with you on religion, particularly with it being foisted upon kids at school.
    However, the issue here is the right of the people in that town to decide wether the want this in their town, as far as I am concerned they have every right to say that they don't.
  9. What's the predominant religion in the town though? I don't think that the townsfolk are against the school, they're just against it being built in an area where there are very few if any Muslims. They're taking a stand,but no doubt it will be viewed as racist etc, by people who don't have to live there.
  10. Have to agree. It's a democracy and the majority should get what they want. There is far too much pandying to minorities nowadays. Why should the majority have to put up with the wants and desires of minorities when there are alternatives for the minority to go elsewhere? If the will of the minority is to continually be forced upon majorities then democracy has been relagated to the past and you are now living in the realms of a dictatorship.
  11. If a muslim school is allowed to be built in that town with over a thousand muslim pupils bussed in from out of area, within a short time more than a thousand muslim families will have moved into that town and will rapidly be a majority, effectively making it a muslim area and before long making the residents strangers in their own town.
    These local people are not racist (which race would that be then?), they are simply awake- would that a few more on this site and this country in general were also awake.
  12. Secular schools are non-religious schools.

    IMO for once the French have the right idea: apart from the unbiased teaching of religious education, i.e. educating all pupils about the main religions with equal weighting, religion should have no place in schools. If parents want their children to have extra-curricular education of any kind, including religious training, that should happen in their own time and funded by themselves.

    I'm also unimpressed with the salwar kameez school uniform of a particular secondary girls' school in the area that I now live: I'm happy for girls to wear trousers to school (I wish we'd been allowed to when I was in the system), but I don't see that a foreign cultural dress-code should be adopted as the school uniform.
  13. Should we not also take a national view of things with an eye to the future?
    Is it really ok with us that muslims move to our country and don't integrate but instead inhabit seperate areas, breed en masse thereby soon over taking in numbers the local population and becoming the majority, getting into local politics and positions of influence and de-Christianising the area.
    Then the new Muslim majorities will begin to impose Moslem culture and values on the minority which is us and our children and our children's children. What are we doing to defend our nation from Islam? Nothing.
    Just look at the list of names of councillors in England in areas where there is a large moslem population. The take over is already under way.