Islamic Relief for USA

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Seadog, Sep 5, 2005.

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  1. I don't just post negative articles about Muslims Bombard.

    Islamic Relief are turned to helping victims of 'Katrina' and have pledged $2 million.

    Islamic Relief

    Not every Muslim thinks 'Katrina' is the 'wrath of Allah'. The 'wrath of Allah' wouldn't have a girl's name.

    Good effort.
  2. that is what the muslim religion is about originally and it is heart warmoing to know that there are decent muslims helping out others not of their religion.
  3. Hear hear. It sends out a great message to all sides, and it's humanitarian and positive in every way.
  4. hmmm.... while it does send a great message politically I think its a completely daft idea... why are we sending money to the biggest economy in the world?

    Sure we should send our genuine condolences... plus ration packs and water purification machines etc - the type of things that they may not have enouigh of in their warehouses... but not cash?? had a quick look at that Islamic Relief website and they have projects in Niger, Mali, Sudan, SE Asia and now the USA!!!

    The Irish Government is doing the same thing... they've offered water purification equipment as well as 1 million in cash????

  5. I think it's wonderful that the whole world is getting together to aid those in need. Well done to everyone who helped out!
  6. Ditto shippers, well spotted and well posted. Shame the average Joe doesn't have your insight and/or noddle.

    Regards, I presume, to the Senior Service. Respect, bud, seriously deeply felt and intended.

    However, as a pongo I reserve the right to slag you off at any future opportunity.

    <A-Z> yusallimak ya akhee, <insert from whoever/whatever authority you fish-heads and kin bow down to>...

  7. it just looks like they are trying to collect $2 million to donate. Be interesting to see how much they actually get.

    But, it's a nice gesture and it scores a lot of points...

    Did an African state once send food to the US during a similar weather disaster???
  8. I don't imagine the money is being donated to the Federal Government. Pay the US $n Million.

    The figures will refer to the value of aid, not a cash sum. Not much point in turning up to offer aid and expecting the host/affected nation to supply it now is there?

    As for IR (Islamic Relief not International Rescue), they have pledged $2 million, trying to raise more to do more.That's how I read it.
  9. Hmmmmm, wonder if the USA will continue to spend billions of dollars sending up rockets into space .......

  10. Group hug! :D Someone has a guitar, 'Kumbaya' around the fire in three zero minutes.

    Pity New Orleans city and citizens didn't help themselves and each other more, before and after. Well, the looters helped themselves.

    (See main New Orleans thread before posting ripostes)
  11. It's a good job that The Slug doesn't venture into Current Affairs else she'd be trying to turn this into another ARRSE Love-In thread! :D
  12. Well with all this foriegn aid the US should be able to afford to invade another country next year[;)]