Islamic money funds New Labour through front organisation

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armchair_jihad, Aug 26, 2007.

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  2. brian0635

    brian0635 Crow

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  3. low-profile

    low-profile Old-Salt

    wasn't sarwar's son charged with VAT fraud or some such like, and found with £800,000 plus under his matress? daddy knew nothing about this, and will fight these heinous allegations against his family, (with the best lawyers money can buy). :lol:
  4. legal_eagle

    legal_eagle War Hero

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    Don't mean to be a party pooper or anything but true or not, in the absence of proof this is dangerously close to libel...MODS beware!!!
  5. bumhole

    bumhole LE

    Bit hard to be libellous when the VAT fraud was widely reported:
    The son of Labour MP Mohammed Sarwar has been convicted of an £850,000 money laundering scam involving imported mobile phones.
    The Glasgow High Court heard that Athif Sarwar, 28 of Lynebank Place, Mearnskirk had handled thousands of pounds of money described as "criminal property", the BBC reports.

    Son of millionaire MP Sarwar guilty of £850,000 money laundering scam
    THE son of the millionaire businessman and Labour MP Mohammed Sarwar was yesterday convicted of an £850,000 money laundering scam.
    Sarwar's father, the MP for Govan, said to be worth £16 million, was in court for the verdict. Outside, he said his son would be appealing against the conviction.
    He added: "I genuinely, sincerely and passionately believe my son has done nothing wrong. I am certain justice will win."
  6. legal_eagle

    legal_eagle War Hero

    Fair one...wasn't aware of that...
  7. rictic

    rictic Clanker

    At least now we know why Labour does nothing to bring extremist Islam under control. Islam pays the bills.
  8. quell suprie
    arn't both the main political parties bank rolled by assorted sleaze bags and odd balls?
    the torys had MR dodgy of Belize :evil:
  9. maxi_77

    maxi_77 LE

    To be fair, the sorts of ammounts of cash being talked about hear probably barely meet the interest bill on NuLabors borrowing so they are not exactly 'paying the bills' Equally Muslims do support other political parties too but as ever this shows the NuLabor is just as suspect in how it collects cash to fund it's activities as those it has criticised in the past. Nulabor has been shown since 1977 to be every bit as sleazy as the Tories despite their claims to be as pure as the driven snow. If one adds to that the cronyism they continue to display one really wonders why people even consider supporting this exclusive self help organisation.
  10. bumhole

    bumhole LE

    Werent they selling off knighthoods at one time?????
    Can I order a VC, DSM, OBE and KT? Who do I have to pay?
  11. node

    node War Hero

    :D Any one flogging hooky ermin :?: Well two shags will not stand (if he can stand) for re election, seems he has got the message plus the pension and perks from his old racket. How can anyone trust Nu Labour. :x