Islamic dress at local council public swimming pools.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Fieryjack, Aug 17, 2009.

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    I saw this yesterday, it's no big deal. Presumably this is in an area with a large Muslim population, who presumably will use the pool then. I'm sure if they don't bother using it, they'll cancel the Muslim swim sessions.

    Honestly, if you can convince your local pool that you can get enough customers, I'm pretty sure you can get special sessions for just about anything; fat people, old people, kids, nudists, latex fetishists, you name it.

    Go on, approach your local pool and ask for something bizarre.
  2. Like BNP only swims?
  3. Running the odd session (2 a week, one for blokes, one for women?) - to encourage fitness, swimming etc, isn't of itself a huge problem - in my opinion - but it does highlight the divide and conquer tactics beloved of the lesser spotted council bureaucrat.

    Rather than throwing out the chavs (neds in my part of the world) who misbehave, we already have "pensioners only", "mother and baby only", "disabled only" etc, just so people who want to use the facilities can do so without fear or abuse. My local pool, when I was a kid, had a 2nd pool which was variously used for "special purpose classes" or, when they weren't meeting, segregated off for those who just wanted to do lengths.

    It's so much easier just to block council tax payers because they are the wrong age / sex / religion - you're less likely to get your car tires (or face) slashed by a Dad who had merely promised his son he'd take him swimming than Wayne who you've just 'dissed'. Dad won't be carrying a machete for a start.
  4. Agreed, it's not a problem in itself catering for groups with similar needs and requirements, but I don't think , and this is only my opinion, that segregating people, even if it is voluntary, on the basis of religion in publicly funded amenities is a wise route to follow.
  5. anyone who still has a public swimming pool open is lucky :( the council closed mine 3 years ago and is STILL arguing about whether to build a new one or do up the closed down one grrrrrrrr
  6. True, the one where I grew up is just about to close :(
  7. Not where I grew up, that sounds like I grew up in one. I meant near where I grew up :oops:
  8. I take it that bacon butties are off the menu in the cafe that night?
  9. Yet again muslims show us how they integrate into society by demanding special treatment.
  10. And the French courts, being far more sensible than their counterparts in the UK will no doubt tell her to f*ck off and fine her for wasting the Courts' time
  11. Idiot muslims.

    We need labour out of power now. God knows they've turned Birmingham into a breeding ground for terrorists.