Islamic Community leader compares Britain to nazi germany

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jest265, Feb 2, 2007.

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    Ok I agree there are some similarities with the Uk gubmint and Nazi germany but I wouldn't say his examples are correct. If anything the government are doing everything they can to appease the Muslim community and to point out that it is not all muslims committing these offences.

    I don't know what this guy expects, it is muslim terrorists who are attempting to commit these acts, surely they are the ones to blame for the populations current view on Muslims. Not all people in society are educated enough to be able to distinguish between the minority who want to cause havoc and the majority who just want to be left alone.
  2. Except of course Tony Blair isn't going to order the genocide of every muslim in Britain................if it were like nazi germany then the guy who had said that would be having his door kicked down as I type and be being dragged off to a concentration camp.

    That dispatches programme about the mosque deonstrates the ridiculous rhetoric of some of the more extreme muslim clerics, who should be thrown out of the country. It's a disgrace they are still here, bet the yanks wouldn't have put up with them!
  3. nazi germany..oh good i can move back to england then.
  4. ...and muslims wonder why more and more non muslims are getting p*ssed off with them. The "goodwill" that has been shown to the muslims in the UK has just about gone.
  5. Errm, Mr Naseem, Who was it that was behind the 7/7 and the 21/7 attacks? Who was it that called for the beheading of all those who insult islam? Granted, they cannot be representative of all muslims but the fact remains that those persons happened to be muslims.

    If he has nothing valuable to say to the media, he should keep his mouth shut. Otherwise, he is not doing his credulbility any bit of good, and he is certainly aggravating tensions.
  6. Aaahhhhh the C*ck Doctor speaks at last , and surprise surprise , it's "We are the victims"

    I look forward to Khalid Mahmoud tearing you a new one, you sanctimonious old tw*t.
  7. Strange then, that my mate is also pee'd off with this sort of stuff, he's muslim.
  8. Chaps got a right to say what he thinks, and quite frankly he has a point. Some of the gutter press are trying to make us think that all moslems are extremist loonies. He should be aware, however, that the Police have a job to do and if that means lifting people they have reasonable grounds to suspect serious crimesthen it doesn't matter what religion a chap is.
  9. So let's get this right. A small group of muslims detonate bombs on and under the streets of London, followed by another group a couple of weeks after who try to do the same...... and when some other muslims are arrested on suspicion of planning another atrocity, the 'wig wearing' Dr Mohammad Naseem suggests that ALL muslims are the victims of a Nazi police state.

    Maybe they are innocent and a court of law will be there to decide if they are charged. Rather than consider themselves as 'victims', they should consider that it is better for the police to arrest suspects and later release them without charge, than it is to let them run free and possibly commit a terrorist act. That act would be much more bad press for the muslim community as a whole than the police doing their job.

    If the muslim community allow thoughtless idiots like this be their voice, then they will just attract more bad press. Mind you, we've got BLiar...... but not for too much longer.
  10. If they are so unhappy offer them free airfare back to their country of origin.
  11. msr

    msr LE

    I fail to see why honest, decent, hardworking taxpayers should fund their 'flight of fantasy'.

    If this country was so bad, they would leave of their own accord.

  12. And ?

    Or do you mean only muslims can be pissed off ?

    Whats strange about people being p*ssed off with this sort of behaviour from muslims ?
  13. Thanks for the PM you ignorant/racist knob

    Just go and gis over Jade Goody, she's at your IQ level
  14. Yes, maybe they should realise that they are the ones promoting everything wrong about Islam, maybe we should start getting pissed off!!!