Islamic cleric fights deportation

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by india-juliet, May 9, 2006.

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  1. A radical Islamic cleric who has been accused of being a leading figure in al-Qaeda is starting a legal attempt to prevent his deportation from the UK.
    Abu Qatada, who is currently in prison, will try to persuade the Special Immigration Appeals Commission that he should not be sent to Jordan.

    It is the first test of a government agreement with another country meant to guarantee a deportee's safety.

    He has nothing to worry about, this Labour Government will let him stay, release him and then he will dissapear without trace!!
  2. Remember Blair saying the rules have changed? Guess how many preachers of hate have been deported since that speech.... None! We are governed by charlatans and incompetents. Why isn't he being charged with treason?
  3. Deport this clown immediately I say.He comes over here and shouts his mouth off about our way of life and takes our benefits,housing etc.He has absolutely NO respect for our way of life or our culture.So send him back to Jordan where he will get it rough from the authorities there or maybe a bullet in the head I hope.
  4. It's a tricky one! At least if they're here, we know where they are and what they're up to. On the other hand we have to feed him, house him etc and he's allowed to preach and convert others to his cause. I'm not sure which is the lesser of two evils.

    I'll just stop myself right there! Don't want to jump to conclusions about having to feed and house him.

    Am I being unfair? He may well work hard, paying for his family etc . It's wrong of me simply to assume that he falls in the same boat as Abu Hamza and sponges off us. I'll just check my facts....

    Facts checked!!

    Pass that bullet Tartan Jock. Cheaper and he can't influnce any others!

    Grrrrrr! :evil:
  5. Here's the link to the BBC story.

    So this is not a first arrest for him. What's left to discuss???
  6. We live in a country where armed robbery is considered a minor offence, I can only conclude that terrorism is seen in a similar light by the powers that be. If we cannot deport serious convicted criminals, what chance of deporting Qatada?

    We need a change of Government, a change of law and the submission of a very large demand for 9mm Ball.
  7. If he truly is dangerous enough to warrant deportation then why are we evening umming and ahhhing about securing his safety?
    Surely the safety of our own citizens is more important than an Al-Qaeda goon?
  8. Guarantee his safety? Surely that's exactly what we don't want. Send the walking figure 11 to Basra :twisted:
  9. Goku, the problem is our safety and security is a low priority when set against the "Human" rights of these individuals. Our political masters would far rather see innocent bodies in the streets than get to grips with the situation. To admit they are wrong would bring down their entire smelly little politically correct orthodoxy.
    Do not forget that people are making profit from this situation. Never underestimate the power of greed in the Blair household.
  10. Warrior, it’s a little more complicated than that.
    It’s not that our political master are unwilling to get a grip of the situation, they are unable to.
    Our PC human rights laws were passed by the EU and the only way to drop them and get back to the rule of common sense would be to either a) leave the EU (something that will never happen while TCB is in power) or b) convince the EU that the laws need changing (you’d have a better chance of convincing the French that bathing is a good idea)

    - edited for mongness
  11. How come other EU nations have expelled a fair few mad mullahs even though they have the same Human Rights laws? (Germany/France and Holland to name a few). The reason New labour will not expel them is because it needs the Muslim vote. Having abandoned the working classes they cannot afford to alienate their precious immigrant voters. Mark my words when the widesweeping amnesty comes. Uncontrolled immigration is deliberate policy. Our lives are being sacrificed by the corrupt metropolitan set.
    The solution is simple, a referendum on leaving the EU and lets get rid of the so called human rights act then regain control of our own destiny.
  12. Much sense, but, leave the EU? In the original treaty, there is no procedure for leaving. Once in, stay in - that was the whole point of the thing. Only one place has ever been allowed out and that was Greenland. It was only in because at the time when Denmark joined the community it was a possession/colony of Denmark. Once it gained independence it became a bit of an oddity in that it could hardly be said to be part of Europe in the geographical sense and so common sense prevailed among the other member states. Can't see that happening in this country when I can look out of my window at work and see another part of Europe (on a clear day). I won't name the bit of Europe I can see for fear of upsetting the many lovely readers of this site. That a big enough clue for you?
  13. Europe was sold to the people of UK as the EEC, a trading bloc of independant nation states, no-one has asked for a United States of Europe or for our sovereignty to be sold down the river by successive governments. Laws are imposed on the people of this country with no opportunity to have them debated or repealed. Under the Regulatory and Reform Act this will accelerate and is nothing more than the death knell of parliamentary democracy.
    We not only have a moral right to oppose this state of affairs but also a moral obligation to oppose it. We need to reclaim our freedoms before reclaiming our country.
  14. I have a tendancy to agree with Warrior on this one. This feckwit (Abu Qatada not Warrior) has come to this country because it safer for him. Safer for him and his family, while he conducts/organises acts of terrorism in other countries. He is a terrorist or involved in terrorist activities. WHat sympathy does he expect?

    Why the f*ck are we still putting up with him??? Deport him back to his country of origin. If he gets what? one less terrorist to worry about.

    Why do I, as a tax payer, have to contribute to the cost of his living, house, car, TV, benefits etc? He is a leach, a sponge.....

    F*ck Brussels. WHy do we have to listen to them? Other EU countries blantently tell Brussels to "stuff it" when they need to rule their own country. Why does our government not have the balls to f*ck all these time wasters back to their countries. Who cares if they will be unjustly treated. What about the victims of the trerrorism they are organising/involved in??

    Come on. There is only one desicion here.....How soon can we get him on a plane????

    mmm..seem to have answered my own question. This government does not have the balls to make a descision for this country without the say so from Brussels. Well i am sorry. I voted for a government in this country..I did not vote to be ruled by some tree hugger in a foreign country. No wonder the BNP is getting bigger.
  15. No, it’s because rightly or wrongly, we are probably the only EU member that follows legislation to the letter.
    It’s not that Labour wants the Muslim vote (politicians don’t care who votes for them as long as they win), it’s because Blair wants to been seen as a key figure within Europe and he wont dare do anything to jeopardise that.