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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by TA4645, Aug 22, 2006.

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  1. Is it just me, or is the whole of Britain turning soft!?!
    May i just point out that I dont give two hoots about colour, religion or creed. Yet i find myself angered that the moderate muslim council of britain think we should accept their laws, their public holidays, hang on a bleedin minute, this is our turf sunshine!! Not only that, but what the hell is islamophobia???? utter cows nuts!!! They march aboard our planes laden with explosives then wonder why we want to stop and search young muslims..... get over it, its not racism, its common sense. If young white guys were strapping themselves with IEDs in aid of a cause and blowing planes from the sky, then i couldnt give a s**t if i get stopped and searched, I HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE!!! Well done to the minority of british muslims who integrated into our society accepted our ways and get on with life. And i stick my middle finger up at all those that sit around, claim my tax, and preach anti-western b*****ks from their arm chairs. Quite simply put, IF YOU DONT WANT TO ABIDE BY OUR LAWS, IF YOU THINK WE ARE BEING UNREASONABLE IN THE PROFILING OF PEOPLE IN ORDER TO PREVENT TERRORISM, THEN BUGGER OFF..... ANYWHERE, JUST NOT HERE......... At the end of the day we are doing this to protect the majority of the british people who have a right to get on with their lives.
    Call me racist, call me what you want... I DONT CARE.
    And as for those t**ts who defend these tossers in the name of "HUMAN RIGHTS" you should be lined up along side them and shot. What about our human rights? the right to live our lives without fear of being persecuted IN OUR OWN COUNTRY by little pricks who think they can change the world!!!!!
    Am i in anyway being unreasonable in anything i've said, or am i just voicing the opinions that alot of british are afraid to air!?!
    Our future as a nation is bleak if this is the way things are going. This country needs to pull its socks up, grow some kind of testicular arrangement and not be blackmailed by the "moderate" muslim leaders who want our Britain to themselves.
    Hats off to the muslims of the british army, who fight for their country, they are but a handful, and they should stand as an example of integration and acceptance of our laws and society.

    I'm here all week.................
  2. So what is the answer? No alternative political party floats my boat. Tories? In it for themselves and all they see is cash in the form of oil etc. Upset the Muslims and you don't get any oil. Liberals? Enough said. BNP? No thank you very much. UKIP? Too many rich people support it and that tells all.

    Basically it needs a totally new political party that puts Britons first. One that will not only sort out the Muslim problem but also rein in the utility companies and councils who are ripping us off. I get angry if I go abroad and the natives are paying less than us for goods that we produce. Why should that be? Well of course it is taxation and I don't necessarily disagree that we need taxes. What is going on with the NHS? Hospitals are being closed under a so called Labour Government and the new ones they are building are privately financed. Thin end of the wedge in my opinion and if we don't stop it now then we are in serious trouble.

    Don't forget that very soon our doors will be open to Bulgarians and Romanians with all the extra problems that will bring. I am a Europhile as well but there has to be a line drawn.

    So anyone out there with the nous to form a party that takes all this on board? No Nazi's, no extremists, just plain commonsense with a bit of balls.
  3. i'm in if you are oldbloke.............
  4. Fuzz me old china...crivens...its like you reached into my head and stole the very words wot I was finkin' and then did put them down for everyone to see.
    Couldn't agree with you more.
  5. Of course the first thing that any such party would have to "rein in" upon becoming the Government is the upper echelons of the Civil Service.

    Which is why it's never going to happen...... Democratically at least.
  6. Old Bloke -
    Not sure why you extended the argument to Romaninans and Bulgarians. The influx of Poles and other eastern europeans wasn't as bad as everyone made out. And at least you can get a plumber these days...

    Anyway, most of the time they come here and keep themselves busy doing the jobs the high and mighty British uneployed won't do and consider beneath them. MacDonalds in London for example. Also, most of them are harder working and better qualified. If some idiot white trash with no quals, experince or work ethic starts complaining that these 'damn foreigners' are taking his job, then I'd argue that a Polish pharmacist or Hungarian bricklayer are hardly comparable to his potential. They're not entitled to benefits anyway, so it's work or starve, an approach which may get some of our lazy long term unemployed of their fat, tracksuit clad backsides.

    As for the Muslim question, let it be sorted out democratically. We shouldn't cave in to the demands of a minortiy in what is alreadt a 4% minority of the UK population. More pragmatically, if they want their own bank holidays, they don't get ours as well. Volunteers for Christmas duty please!
  8. Current Unemployment is about a million. Officially. Chuck in the rest who have been removed as a result of 9 years of labour manipulating and massaging the figures and you have a real figure closer to two million. In the worst unemployment under Maggie, the figure was three million, so we are already at two thirds of that (and I'm ignoring the illegals here). How you think another million or so workers, ready to work for an under the counter, £2.00 an hour, wage is going to improve things?

    There will be surfeit of workers, wages will be driven even lower and all the new immigrants will decide, quite reasonably, that it is not worth getting out of bed at four in the morning to pick cabbages for 15 hours a day in the rain, when they can get a lot more on the DSS for which they are fully eligible as members of the EU.

    And that is without even going into the impact on the NHS, housing, domestic employment etc.

    They ain't all plumbers.
  9. The real level, taking into account those on incapacity who are "capable of work" and those "in training" is actually round about the 3 mil. mark.... Possibly in excess of it. The level has never really changed that dramatically since the early '80's, up or down and probably isn't going to in the immediate future.

    It is going to appear to rise though as government plans to clear many in reciept of invalidity off that benefit take hold.
  10. One of the most potent weapons in the armoury of any minority group which is used to enforce it's will upon the majority is the indiscriminate use of the pejorative label.

    Labels are used by the intellectually idle as a substitute for rational analysis and those who use such labels fear forensic analysis as much as those who fear being labelled by term used.

    In the 14th Century, the country learned the terror of the label: 'Witch' and to be branded a witch led to torture and death.

    Such labels have not gone away and they survive to this day. It is easy to laugh at them but I have seen people, and authorities reduced to frozen terror and being branded by them, and although torture and death are no longer the ultimate sanctions applied by the mob, social ostracism, being hounded out of a job by those terrified of being labelled by association and stigma have replaced the ducking stool, the stocks, the stoning and the burning.

    Make no mistake, mob rule is still out there and they will respond with physical and social violence to anyone bearing labels such as 'Homophobe', 'Islamaphobe', 'sexist', 'Ageist', 'fatist', 'facist', 'anti-semite', 'paedophile' and any other label used by any minority group to terrorise a majority.

    Labels are used as a substitute for argument snce those who use them fear argument and those who invite argument or dissent from the mob are branded with the label.

    We live in an age of labels used as a tool of coercion rather than an age of reason which seeks to challenge the motives behind those who use them indiscriminately.

    If you want to stick an index finger up at anyone at all, then stick it to those who use the label as a substitute for rational thought and stick a finger up at a government so terrified of the imagined political consequences of being branded with the label 'Islamaphobic' that they would seek to legislate to give effect to the public holidays demanded by a minority community.
  11. A point raised by one of the sunday papers. 20 years ago when when the Provo's were trying to change the face of Britain, no body had any problems with stopping and searching anybody even vaguely Irish, but then of course they were white.
  12. well that was the general aim of the rant.... 99%of our probs stem from mr bliar and his poor excuse for a government to start with. but thank you iolis.
  13. Didn't see that you'd reposted this elsewhere fuzz, so can answer this properly.

    I agree with some of what you've written; however, regarding the Muslim Council and their request; they are perfectly entitled to voice their opinions. They live in a democratic state with free speech.

    I stand to be corrected, but I don't think anyone in government will be in a rush to grant them their wishes.
  14. The problem of course is that as a supposedly representative group the opinion which they voice is taken as representative of all Muslims living in Britain. I seriously doubt that the majority of Muslims in GB want to do anything more than to get on with their own lives and are as disgusted by the atrocities carried out in the name of their religion as anyone else. The MCB simply increase ill-feeling towards the Muslim population as a whole by making ridiculous and extreme statements.
  15. I've only just noticed this.

    Not as bad as people made out? They expected 13,000 and got at least 700,000 in two years. At the current rate they will actually outnumber UK muslims in less than two years.

    What version of reality do actually use Bob? Can the rest of us join you there?