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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by TA4645, Aug 22, 2006.

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  1. Is it just me, or is the whole of Britain turning soft!?!
    May i just point out that I dont give two hoots about colour, religion or creed. Yet i find myself angered that the moderate muslim council of britain think we should accept their laws, their public holidays, hang on a bleedin minute, this is our turf sunshine!! Not only that, but what the hell is islamophobia???? utter cows nuts!!! They march aboard our planes laden with explosives then wonder why we want to stop and search young muslims..... get over it, its not racism, its common sense. If young white guys were strapping themselves with IEDs in aid of a cause and blowing planes from the sky, then i couldnt give a s**t if i get stopped and searched, I HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE!!! Well done to the minority of british muslims who integrated into our society accepted our ways and get on with life. And i stick my middle finger up at all those that sit around, claim my tax, and preach anti-western b*****ks from their arm chairs. Quite simply put, IF YOU DONT WANT TO ABIDE BY OUR LAWS, IF YOU THINK WE ARE BEING UNREASONABLE IN THE PROFILING OF PEOPLE IN ORDER TO PREVENT TERRORISM, THEN BUGGER OFF..... ANYWHERE, JUST NOT HERE......... At the end of the day we are doing this to protect the majority of the british people who have a right to get on with their lives.
    Call me racist, call me what you want... I DONT CARE.
    And as for those t**ts who defend these tossers in the name of "HUMAN RIGHTS" you should be lined up along side them and shot. What about our human rights? the right to live our lives without fear of being persecuted IN OUR OWN COUNTRY by little pricks who think they can change the world!!!!!
    Am i in anyway being unreasonable in anything i've said, or am i just voicing the opinions that alot of british are afraid to air!?!
    Our future as a nation is bleak if this is the way things are going. This country needs to pull its socks up, grow some kind of testicular arrangement and not be blackmailed by the "moderate" muslim leaders who want our Britain to themselves.
    Hats off to the muslims of the british army, who fight for their country, they are but a handful, and they should stand as an example of integration and acceptance of our laws and society.

    I'm here all week.................
  2. This is one for the NAAFI, not the TA Forum.
  3. Noted, but it is a subject that involves us all.
  4. "If young white guys were strapping themselves with IEDs in aid of a cause and blowing planes from the sky"

    Not unlike a certain Brian Young (28) who've just been charged for that.
  5. And Robert Reid.
  6. well,sounds like somebody's burying their head in the sand.this concerns us all,we can't have a talk like this cause it's racist-"pish".terrorism is what is being practiced here,no if's,no but's-terrorism,end of story.the sooner we get tough with these bastards the better.for every squaddie that gets killed in iraq,afghanistan.he/she's killed by a bullet/IED/rpg round.paid for by the donations in these hate preaching mosques.when you stop them it's racism-when you arrest them it's racism,when they don't get what they want ,it's racism,when they can't get the benefits to pay for their sons/daughters, trips to pakistan to study how to kill us brits.grow up smell the coffee.too many of us are getting taken in by this P.C shit.they're brave enough to blow themselves up(in a plane full of unarmed men,woman,children).rant ,finished,i'm away to get my weetabix.
  7. How the f_uck am I burying my head in the sand? What part of my previous sentence implies this?

    The TA forum is for us to gripe about pay, mobilisation, the Londons to infight etc. The NAAFI/Intelligence Cell is for people to put up gripes & fears.

  8. nail on the head mate.
    well you knew what i meant didnt you!?!
  9. More so you it would appear. Now, get with the programme's all been done before.
  10. There are quite a feew threads like this in current affairs and the Naafi. You may get a better response by adding to those rather than starting your own.
  11. Whatever happened to that campaign for St George's day to become a national holiday?

    I know it's not ideal Daily Mail fodder, but still. Makes me rather melancholy that one suggestion raised so much discussion, while the other seems to have dropped off the radar.

    Go on,vote now.
  12. *deleted for being a thick paddy*
  13. I'm confused... shouldn't the jocks get a holiday for St. Andrew's day? St. David is the patron saint of Wales, St. Dragon came in second on the vote. So where exactly does St. Patrick fit into this equation? It's not even a national holiday over here.
  14. the British Isles used to be uninhabited by man - then came along the cave man who was scared by his own shadow - then the iron age man who was still scared by his own shadow and worshipped trees to take his mind from it - then bronze age man began to worship stones in the ground, trees, the sun and the moon - the Celts followed suit but gained cult status after the Romans invaded and gave us gods that you could pick and choose from - then christianity came and plunged these isles into a society scared of everyone elses shadow, especially the church - now we live in a more liberated society where we think our shadow is funny and make it turn into animals.......

    so we have chopped and changed a bit over the last 3 thousand odd years. Who is to say what we will do next in our search to try and hide our ignorance behind some kind of religion, or we will become more enlightened and learn to live together
  15. i onced voiced an opinion like fuzzies and was thrown out of my own mess by my battery commander so much for freedom of speech