islamic army in iraq, google video

Arik said:
cleanbluesky said:
....I wonder what "allah akhbar" mean to them... I know it translates as "Allah is great" but why say it when doing an attack?
They do it when they attack to indicate that the attack is being carried out for Allah and for his glorification, / glorification of Islam, etc.
I wonder whather that's in their book - its a good way of making your average idiot think that he doesn't have to take responsibility for his actions...
a lot of repeated scenes.....They could have probably fitted it into about 5 mins....and the Soundtrack will never make No.1!
was the sea knight at the start hit or was it dumping flares?,
I am sure i can speak for a number of you who have been on the other end of those ''107's''
and morters, how sureal it is to watch that movie . At the very beginning i am almost certain
the base plate was about 5 ks west of Dogwood, if it was , i was on the other end and you missed .

I am sure many of you on arrse have had a bit of ''incoming'' in Iraq , after a while you do
tend to play lip service to it , but all it takes is a lucky shot . They all look impressive being
launched however most of the 107 rockets are blinds . Touch wood they still are as i am off
back there soon and i dont want to eat my words .

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