Islam4UK Wootton Bassett March

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by fairmaidofperth, Jan 1, 2010.

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  1. Don't think has already been posted, but the following made my blood run cold. It must not be allowed to happen

    Islam4UK Wootton Bassett March

  2. Will never happen. Haven't got the minerals or enough mini-buses.
  3. You think both their members will turn up?
  4. Lets just tool up the outrage bus with some white phos grenades and get down there
  5. they could get a ride on the outrageous bus.....i'm sure it will be along shortly
  6. Who are they anyway? Anybody know?
  7. The fact that the author of that piece felt the need to translate the phrase Insha' Allah suggests to me that he/she/it knew the article was intended to be read by non-Muslims and so I'm inclined to wonder if it's ever so slightly sensationalist. Surely a truly revolutionary group espousing Sharia law in the UK would assume that its members, whilst not fluent, would have some rudimentary understanding of classical Arabic, especially phrases which some scholars claim are mandatory for Muslims to say when discussing future intentions. Even the name "Islam4UK" sounds like one of these straw-man "Liarbour"-type slurs the Daily Hate comes up with.
  8. They're a bunch of foaming at the mouth looneys, let them have their march.
  9. No idea. Clicked on your link and it is filtered with tag "millitant and extremist".
  10. Slapping down bans and getting outraged would just give them exactly what they want. If they break any laws, subject them to the full force of the law. If they don't, why shouldn't British citizens be allowed to protest about anything they like?
  11. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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    It's the same fringe group of nutters who were talking about turning Buckingham Palace into a mosque and bringing shariah law to the UK earlier in the year.

    Publicity-mongers of the worst order and as Parapauk says, they have little to no support. The phrase 'all mouth and no trousers' springs to mind.

    A more cynical man than I would think they were a front organisation for Chris Morris and a future series of Brasseye.
  12. al mujaroun (sp) have been around for a few years. they openly support AQ and radicalism and openly praised 7/7
  13. I can see it happening big time and the Police will protect them from those marauding British fanatics (the locals) who have the audacity to mourn British dead. In the Governments eyes we are scum compared to Muslim radicals.
  14. One can't take them seriously, they quote Eric Joyce and Joe Glenton on their site.
  15. I might attend, I dont think we are blood thirsty bastards, but I think the innocent muslims who've had their lives ruined by Saudi and Yemeni, Pakistani followers of Wahabi and Hizb utislami (sic) deserve some recognition.
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