Islam will suck Europe under

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by bellybomber, Feb 10, 2007.

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  1. Now it’s in the open. Just what thinkers concluded long ago, of course. And just what mainstream scaredy-cat media won’t tell anyone: Muslims will take over Europe, then the rest of the planet for Islam world rule. Got it?
    Libyan Leader Col. Muammar Gaddafi screamed to the world community that Muslim sneakers housed in Europe will swarm over that turf for Allah’s take. It’s in the divine plan. Therefore, when I get emails saying that just a small percentage of Muslims are making racket, I want to throw up.
    Sure. The out-front killers are doing Allah’s bidding while so-called “moderates” are waiting for the final signal to cut blood in the streets. Doesn’t that make demonic sense? Send out hell’s troops and back them up with the sword throwing final blow.
    European leaders are now saying that “multiculturalism” hasn’t worked. Muslims won’t integrate. Islamics are the huge threat to Europe. Well, duh! Has it taken all this time to realize these facts?
    Gaddafi responded to the mayhem Muslims staged because of cartoons. Of course, for Gaddafi the graphics’ designers are “slanderers who disseminate religious hatred.”
    May I ask Gaddafi what are Muslims who tie children to automobile steering wheels, suicide belts strapped to their little waists, then watch the big bang from afar? Are not adults murdering their children for Allah to be scrutinized? And when they are, then why call analysts “slanderers”?
    And who hates whom? Do not the adults hate their children when killing them in a suicide plot? Further, how can any of this be labeled “religion” when in fact it’s the devil’s cult?
    The last move Muslims will make is to analyze their own cult for its devilment. It’s always the civilized world that is loony.
    Then Gaddafi goes on to slam Europe’s schools for instructing students that Mohammed was in fact not a good person but a “liar.”
    Well, believe me that’s tame. If all the sin Mohammed committed was lying, the world would be thankful. The truth is that Mohammed raped women, molested girls, slew thousands, robbed innocents and taught disciples how to gouge out eyes, lob off noses, ears, fingers, and toes. Further, Mohammed put down his satanic rules in the “holy” Koran.
    Nosing in on Paris, Gaddafi said that riots there were “only the beginning of the armed struggle of the Muslims against dissemination in Europe.”
    Gaddafi went on with his own prophesies: “One day Europe will be subordinated to Islam.”

    And to think that some of you Brits criticize your government for attempting to combat this disease. Wake up please, wake up.
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  2. No it won't, there will however be a massive new '30 years +' war which will reform Islam and restore Christianity, many will die but the West will win.
  3. Let's hope so my friend, let's hope so. :thumright:
  4. Kids today eh? They blow up so fast.
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  5. Mainland Europe is so different to the UK, I know a whole load of Muslims who adapted to being British, illegal immigrants are my problem, illegally entering the country for their own criminal / inadaptable selves.

    'Real Muslims' as I like to call them are not part of the problem.
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  6. Who are you? Nostradamus' wee brother?
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  7. 'Real Muslims' are ordinary everyday people. I'm currently at university with a couple (not UK citizens) and they're no different from any one else I've met. We've had the obvious discussions and they all openly state that the extremists do not represent their faith and no, they do not wish to 'convert' us by force or otherwise. Being the curious sort, I asked quite a few questions about their religion and they were happy to answer me and discuss the differences between Christanity and Islam. You'd be surprised just how much they know about Christianity and how much it actually has in common with Islam. As normal blokes, they like to talk about football, their kids and fishing. They don't do alcohol, but at the same time, they don't object to me having my 10 am ritual Bacon roll from the cafeteria. They go out their way to adapt. At the same time, they are very conscious about the misrepesentation of their religion here in the West. They've all got access to TV and radio and are educated enough to understand what is being said in the broad sheets. I feel truly embarrassed some days by what is printed...... even in the more 'respectable' papers.

    Whilst talkng about the most recent arrests in the West Mids, all of them were appalled by the fac that those muslims arrested were prepared to commit murder. All agreed that if found guilty those involved should be locked up. As an aside, they were quite surprised that the police in this country operated under such 'offender friendly' rules.

    All agreed (including the Sunni bloke) that Saddam should have swung but they were concerned about how they went about it. By all accounts, Saddam was in the middle of a prayer when they pulled the lever on him. As these lads said, Saddam should have been allowed to finish his prayer first. It's the Muslim way. They've no qualms about the death sentence but the condemned man is entitled to make peace with his God beforehand.

    They all know that I'm an ex Tom and that I've served in Afghanistan (a place where they all say they wouldn't set foot in). It doesn't make any odds with them. They still front up for the brews when it's their turn. I've never had a bad word from them.

    When you sit down and speak to people, you're often pleasantly surprised by just how much you have in common with them.

    They are all now confirmed Glasgow Celtic supporters and at the end of the course will be taking with them the Celtic 'home' top and Jock/English translation books.

    The original poster's argument is akin to us saying that all Catholics were IRA men. Narrow minded tosh, stirred up by an irresponsible media.

    Try speaking to a Muslim mate. You might just be surprised that they are people just like the rest of us with the same concerns about mortgages, crime, education and inconsiderate neighbours who annoy them by parking over their driveways. Ordinary everyday people mate. That's what they are.
  8. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator


    I agree with nearly everything you say. Non-radicals, from whatever religion, don't cause the problems. It is purely the nutters who will.

    Currently, there are more militant muslims than in any other religion . Until the moderate population of muslim countries take action on their own kind to ensure a moderate stance to the world stage, the problem will remain. If they don't take action, the nutters will continue to expand their power base and that means an expansion into the West.

    I'm not quite as pessimistic as bellybomber nor am I going to make distasteful comment of Mohammed (bb - Christians were at least as bad - ever read about the Inquisition?) but he does have a point.

    There is a problem and it will be with us for some time.
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  9. NOBODY expected that
  10. Biscuits, well said mate.

    Your point about irresponsible media is quite valid but it's funny how quickly they (Sky News, BBC and Fox News in particular) are to pass the buck. Manipulation by the media is one thing, the inability of people to filter the truth from the dross is another. Ignorance is easy for the masses.
  11. France is the country most likely to have major problems in the next 20 years with its large muslim population (somewhere between 5-10% of their 62million - the UK is 2.7% of our 60million) ... mibi even a lot sooner than that.
    Got the figures from the CIA big book of countries we might need to invade at some point.

    The couple of muslims I've know personally were nice blokes although the one in the office who dresses in a sheet, has a beard like a badger having a bad pelt day and prays in the stairwell every 10 minutes ............... well I'm watching him!
  12. BellyBomber you really are a tool arent you,though i get the idea from you that if it was christian zealots or white supremacists youd be waving flags and hanging out the bunting, read the bible not exactly behind the Koran in murder,incest etc etc.

    No sorry you only read websites that pander to your tastes, if you read the Koran and the Bible you may get better ideas of what your on about, not mein kampf written by a demented pillow biter
  13. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    Well what an outstanding post. Will happen? Has happened; its just that 99% of the people are unaware of it due to an Islamic ruling that 'if you are in a land foreign and hostile to the ways of your religion, it is permissible for you to veil your way of life'. The Quran has been an accepted 'light' in Christendom for circa 700 years, even if that is not widley known. That you don't know this, nor that radicals that rant about how it will become either pro or contra the course, illustrates just how well the fact has been disguised. Given that people were burnt for their apostacy against church doctrine, there is good historic reason not to be too open about it, so it is a secret to one degree or another. Myself, if I was a marathon man I would tell Olivier, 'Its safe'...well nearly...
  14. Bloody good post.

    Sane, balanced and rational....I agree with every word of it apart form that disgraceful bit about supporting Celtic!

    Wish more people could see past the Daily Hate Mail smokescreen.

  15. There seems to be this paranoid cack coming from the US more and more these days 'Europe is turning Muslim'. You just know it comes from all-american lardarses who never stepped out of their own country (unless they were bombing someone elses).

    Makes our own tabloid 'muslim ate my hamster' stuff look quite respectable.
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