Islam vs. Global warming

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by armchair_jihad, Sep 21, 2006.

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  1. Please Global warming is our fault its only fair

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  2. Only if he storms the new Southern European Atlantikwall

  3. As a Guardian reader whose daughter will soon be nine I can only say yes

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  4. A great reason to vastly expand the Navy

  5. No need Muslim Countries are protected against such events by Allah

  1. I have just viewed a Nanjing University computer model of predicted sea level and temperature changes due to Global warming, I can report that it may be bad for the West but it’s a damned sight worse for the friends of Allah. Two questions

    Firstly has any one seen any other computer models concerning Global warming in relation to the Middle East / North Africa etc. links please.

    Secondly do you think that we should allow Islamic refugees into Europe / US / the Anglosphere, when their ‘countries’ become submerged / hotter than the surface of Mercury.

    Just popping out to make sure that my cars engine is running and the central heating is on max.....
  2. All I can say is that they had best learn to swim.
  3. Not got any links I'm afraid, I only know of maps in textbooks - but basically under a simple scenario Africa gets fcuked, as it's already hot enough there. Middle-east degrades due to marginal climate as it is - bar corridors along the Euphrates which will be possibly ok. With predicted sea level rise by 2100 we'll lose a lot of Bangledesh, but also after that several major world cities will be threatened, including London.

    Obviously other under scenarios most of the world gets hotter and we get a damn sight colder, which won't be much fun for us.

    I'm off to walk to work :D
  4. Global Warming destroying the third world???

    Gods way of telling us to burn more muslims...
  5. True. The large honeysuckle bush in my front garden shed all of its leaves a month ago. It has started to grow new leaves, which normally happens in march. :pale:
  6. Yes, and my fig tree is doing awfully well. 8O
  7. Could we not pull all of the troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan and form the wagons into a large circle round both countries cowboy style. Then just leave them static running with fuel tanks connected to a large fuel supply. Fuel must come from local sources obviously so as not to damage the local economy too quickly.
  8. Bangledesh disappears completely, North Africa bar some mountains vanishes, most of the Middle East including Mecca, become fish freindly :D, Pakistan is pretty much OK :( .
  9. Not if we level it with Orbital Nukes first! :D
  10. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    I have seen a map, at a certain Bde HQ in the Middle east, showing the effects of an increase of a couple of metres of sea level on Mesopotamia.

    It was all improved drastically, as you can imagine. From Baghdad to Basra is a very large, shallow lagoon, probably teeming with fish (very fertile underneath!) and, more importantly, it won't damage the oil-bearing strtat underneath. There may even be a chance that some of the oil could be obtained from far enough 'off shore' to ensure that the rigs were in international waters, thus we wouldn't presumably be beholden to the locals for it!
  11. You see Global warming has major benifits!
  12. Thanks to global warming, we have just enjoyed the coldest May and August that I can remember... :roll:

    A sample:

  13. Is that why we always try to take the high ground!?

    Water Wings on awaiting waves..................