Islam: The untold Story

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Trans-sane, Aug 30, 2012.

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  1. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    Islam: The Untold Story - Channel 4

    Watched this on Tuesday night and found it fascinating TBH. Included in the unearthed gems:-

    1/ No mention of Mohammed in ANY documentation except the Koran until more than 60 years after his death

    2/ When the Arabs took Jerusalem (by treaty rather than conquest) they went straight to the Temple Rock to pray according to written testimony by Christian citizens at the time. The Christians apparently found it confused but were worried that the Jews had managed to stage an under-cover take over.

    Anyone else see it? If not I recommend it heartily.

    Also anyone care to place any bets on fatwas or protests??? :-D
  2. You're dead meat.
  3. The "night journey" was nothing more than Bernadette Soubirous with knobs on.

    The central difficulty with Islamic study is the fact that the Koran is the word of God. But it had to be translated by Mohammed (blessings and peace be upon him) into Arabic.

    So it isn't actually the word of God. It's just an interpretation of it. The last of many in the great timeline of history, apart from the Mormons and the 7th Day Adventists - oh, and David Icke.

    Why has Islam conquered a lot of the world? Because you have to 'submit' to it. And men are very good at getting their wives and kids to 'submit' to whatever they allow them to have access to.

    The slipper or the fist is never too far away. Or worse.

    Islam has produced great works of art. Go and have a look at Sinan's mosques in Istanbul if you don't beleive me.

    But it is a religion of opression and violence.

    Once the word of God has been 'interpreted' it can be exploited. And it has been, alas, to the detriment of Muslims and keffirs like me.
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  4. So Islam has produced great works of art .............. well bully for them. [It's still a Johnny-come-lately religion which I put on a par with 7th day Charwallahs, Smithites who believe that a man found gold tablets in America which conveniently disappeared, and a belief based on the meandering thoughts of a science fiction writer] ............... based on conquest and the sword by a nutter who said God said he was the chosen one and in the dark ages [which Arabia to some extent is still in], got simpletons living in tents in the ******** of the world to believe him.
  5. As with most 'investigative history' programmes, the trailer promised a great deal but the programme itself failed to deliver much which was new unfortunately. The use of the prophets name on the coinage by an arab leader to imply some sort of 'chosen by god' legitimacy, is typical of the way religion was/is used as a lever to control feeble minded individuals. It could be argued that the same methods were used by various european monarchies right into the 20th century.
    The part where the arabs went straight to an old jewish temple on arriving in Jerusalem was interesting, along with the shared belief in Abraham. I found it particularly ironic that both arabs and jews share quite a lot of what amounts to the same claptrap.
  6. It's just a religion. Please don't take it seriously.
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  7. You can't deny that Sinan was a genius. Or that his mosques are exquisite reminders of what can be done with one's devotional turban on.

    But I would rather watch young women going to school or to university or kids allowed to listen to music, to be honest.

    And the days when I'm able to do that in Afghansitan are numbered.

    Once we leave for good, it will turn back into a 15th century shitehole with no hope or honour or faith, apart from the strangled version of the Koran 'quoted' by the illiterates with the heaviest rounds.

    No more school. No more music. No more culture. Just shit.

    The chances of the Islamic world building anything even remotely approaching Sinan's genius these days are nil. They've got the money, but the artistic flair has long gone.

    The Saudis have flooded Bosnia with 'inflatable' identikit mosques and have raped their own deserts and even their most holy cities with crap architecture.

    The link between God and man was lost as soon as Mohammed got out his biro.

    T E Lawrence (a hero of mine, before he turned into Rory Stewart) tried to spot the last vestige of discernable culture in the Arabic followers of the Prophet, but he couldn't actually find anything.
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  9. Sorry, I was too busy watching Citizen Khan.
  10. Without any reference to Rosebud, natch. Cos they cut them off.
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  11. As Karl Marx the lesser known of the famous Marx brothers said; "Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people".
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  12. It doesn't have to be, though, does it? It can inspire great things.

    But you can't expect old Karl, on the lash in the Museum Tavern opposite the British Library reading room where he allegedly read a couple of books to appreciate that, I suppose.

    What a **** he was. He's probably caused more deaths and horrors than all the Gods you can think of.

    And the only art produced under his ideology was produced by people who hated him and everything he stood for.
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  13. Politics, religion & women have caused misery since the dawn of mankind.
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  14. Agreed. But when you need a blowjob, you need a blowjob xx
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  15. The problem is not wether you take a religion seriously, its more a case of does its practitioners take you seriously. Pooh pooh it all you like, but religion caused the twin towers to be dropped, and quite a lot of grief in Ireland, just to take two examples.