Islam forbids cab rides to non-practicers? Your thoughts?

Airport officials say more than 70 percent of the cabbies at the airport are Muslim, and many of them say Islamic law forbids them from giving rides to people carrying alcohol.
Quite simple, drink it first.

And who the hell wants to go to Minneapolis?
Immigrants failing to adapt to the customs and culture of their new home... happens all the time here which is a direct result of our being so touchy-feely with political correctness.
Excuse me driver, can I put an airline meal and three bottles of Merlot in the front passenger seat?

Yes effendi



If they take this line in Leeds then there will be a lot of empty black and white Mondeos lurking around the station!!
A friend and I were having a drink in a small town in Gloucestershire. He had his dog with him. He had to leave mid evening so went to get a taxi. He came back five minutes later. None of the three muslim taxi drivers would take him because of the dog. They were all "allergic to dogs".
He ended up having to phone a mate to pick him up.
ex stab yes that would have been ramadam A now definitely ex employee of mine stated that if a dog touched his clothes
he would have to change his gear wyat earp or watta Twerp

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