ISI and the Taliban

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Rumpelstiltskin, Oct 9, 2007.

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  1. Good article:,0,807346,full.story
  2. Well... when you run a military coup in a newly created state that is beset upon from within by extolling the virtues of exteremist ideals, with a set of borders which basically equates to a ring of continual war zones... what should one really expect?

    Pakistan may openly chastise itself for it's Taliban loving ways from time to time, but behind closed doors you must simply know they have to continually court them? What's not clearly stated is how extensive this support currently runs up the institutional ladder, and a gathering number of ISI informants, operatives and a few defectors have come out of the dark to suggest a tone that's much more ominous, hinting that the complicity once ran all the way up.

    Does it now? Well if the presidential assassination attempts are anything go by, i'd suggest that honeymoon has long been over.

    Just how far the leash stretches now, or wheter or not the ISI dogs are even tied to it, who can readily say in the public domain? And what does this bode for an emergant democrat nation, which for all intensive purposes may lead to an increased errorsion of Pak integrity.

    Emergents will court the Taliban initially I expect, but what backbone will civvy street have in clamping down on armed militas within it's own borders? Hints in the article suggest that the Taliban are looking towards this upcomming period with renewed vigor, whereby their status in Pak society may be elavated by removal of one of it's current obstacles... the current Pak government.

    In a country that can hardly reconcile it's identity with modernity, whereby huge swathes of it's more moderate nationals take up sticks and leave... Not an ideal set of thoughts perhaps for a newly emerged nuclear power with more than a few openly stated expansionist ideals upon it's neighbours.
  3. The supplanting of recent acquisitions of Chinese munitions in the region are also a mainstay of Pak real politik; and if you study some of the monologues from the Al-Q and Talib mongers aired in the public domain, you'll see quite clearly that they always intended, and have carried out a revitalisation of the illicit supply chains which lent Pakistan it's nuclear status.

    So while NATO can be engaged in a primary mission, the recognition and tactical moves put in place to combat some of the other principle players in the region is for my mind painfully slow to dawn.

    Does all their crap stink? You betcha it does!
  4. President Mush is on Beeb 2 Newsnight in 30 mins, asking wheter he's really a democrat.

    Wonder if they'll give any air time to the points highlighted above? Doubt it somehow, call me a cynic ;)
  5. I said this the other day at a TA weekend, and got a shocked response. But: we'll be fighting in Waziristan within 5 years. Discuss.
  6. Costing; global economy slowing down! Increased domestic requirements override external issues, ie the great British public finally get on board with the fact that wars cost money and there is no profit margin for the public purse since we are not fighting for either land or resources!

    morally; Is the enemy of my enemy my friend defined foreign policey, really going to be continued to be supported both in government and the general population.

    Practicaly; is displacing human rights abuses of their dictator with our torturing dictator going to improve our chance of peacekeeping?

    discuss....... besides Chimpy boy is going down the tubes and gorgon is a chod who can barely run the country let alone hit the world stage!
  7. I like you, H_J, but I've no idea what any of that means. Point is: we can't win in AFG without moving into the Pak tribal areas. Also, the days of Pak as a functioning state are numbered. surely?
  8. I am looking at this from the angle of this morally bankrupt government, and market forces something that has done much to destroy the forces and the best of most of the UK's public services therefore check out the budget forecast.

    I'm still struggling through it but using a broad sweep of being auld and wise?

    i think that GorGo has done the numbers and is bricking it that he can pull out asap, not to save the destruction of our boys and girls, not job done but the public purse is running out of molla.

    I don't believe our intervention in these areas are doing anything as i have said many times before they wont fight for there own freedoms why should we and to win realistically our mandate is destroy completely which isn't really a 21st century British thing.

    Also there where a few snippets in the Sunday Times the last 2 weeks which when you start reading other sources and joining the dots show that the US has no clear idea what its doing or even how to disengage, not to mention the costs also!

    Let us look at just one thing 'a pet peeve' in fact without Blackwater! Bush would be fecked by now over troop rotation, however the costs to the Administration is huge.

    Is the use of business in the this situation moraly correct?
    Is in fact Blackwater not encouraging conflict therefore increasing profit? not quite what is being discussed here other than market forces are dictating policy.

    so given your access to information and analysis do you think that the profit margins are there for opening a new front or heading for the hills and disengaging?
  9. 8) Ány muppet knows the Taliban get support and info from Pakistan, lets face it they live there and have family ties both sides of the border, even the Russians knew this, so whats new? 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)
  10. indeed 'Trigger' but we are discussing cause and effect, but as usual your glib one liner and a row of smiley's, cuts straight to the smart money analysis.