ISAF's newest armoured vehicle

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by fantassin, Jul 13, 2010.

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  1. The new VBCI (véhicules blindés de combat d’infanterie) infantry fighting vehicle which is only starting to equip the French infantry has just been deployed to Aghanistan. Two armoured infantry platoon and a dozen VBCIs from the 35 Regiment d'Infanterie based in Belfort, France, have arrived in RC-E to support TF Lafayette's operations.

    This IFV has a weight of 28 tons, carries 11 and is armed with a 25 mm automatic cannon and a 7,62 MG. It has received anti-IED upgrades, RPG-net and some add-ons on the turret for this deployment.

    And yes, before anybody says it, this has as much to do with the willingness of NEXTER to be able to put "Combat proven" on the VBCI sales propaganda than with the real operational needs of TF Lafayette.

    Let's now hope the VBCI does not become a huge IED magnet....

    For some pictures:

    VBCI : arrivée en Afghanistan
  2. I take it as read that it has a faster reverse gear.
  3. And built in automated white flag dispenser!!!
  4. The good thing about the French is that you can always depend on them to be there when they need you.