ISAF Taliban and Aliens.

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by don_ten, Nov 23, 2012.

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  1. Bored. Was thinking about a film idea and thought what would happen if Aliens wanted a rescource in Afghanistan?
    They invade that specific country.
    What if the Taliban and ISAF combine forces to defeat a common enemy?
    It's got Jerry Bruckheimer written all over it.
    Any other ideas around the same vein?
    Not starring Danny Dyer.
  2. Do people use this site to enhance their mind altering drugs?
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  3. There was a series of books/short stories about the yankers and zipper heads coming together against ufo's in the 70's
  4. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    Similarly, '68 is a zombie comic set largely in Vietnam where, in one part of the story the Yanks and VC fight together to defend a FOB against hordes of Zac - unsuccessfully I might add (oops, spoiler)
  5. Well I watched cowboys and aliens the other day. Average movie but got me thinking.. I'd like it to be a British film fairly young in cheek. If I was a producer and loaded I'd make it.

    A bit like Dogsoldiers but not shit.
  6. *tongue in cheek!
  7. No - there are plenty of crazy people on here who don't need them.

    Everyone here is insane except me and Dogfondler....

    ...and I'm not really sure about him either...