Discussion in 'Medals' started by ski_bum, May 19, 2008.

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  1. Hi all, I'm no-longer serving, But i have a regi reunion day coming soon and was wondering about my ISAF NATO Medal, can it be worn? I'm not quite sure what "Non Article 5" ever ment!?

    I know my other medals are fine, just unsure about that one?

    Can someone let me know, cheers.
  2. Who's going tell you not wear it? You earned it wear the fcuker, the rules are you can't wear it in your Service/No2 dress, but I've seen it worn when in Mess/No 5 dress!
  3. If you have the OSM Afghanistan then youre not supposed to wear it, but youre out so its up to you, not as if youre going to get picked up on a 2's parade.
  4. So you can have it, but not wear it.

    And, despite what various ill-informed but gobby chancers will tell you, Non-Article 5 has nothing to do with the Balkans specifically. Article 5 of the NATO Treaty refers to the defence of the territorial integrity of a member states. So non-article 5 ops are simply those which are conducted by NATO but where Article 5 has not been invoked.

    There you have it - any weird and wonderful stuff that anyone tells you that contradicts the above you can safely write off as bolloks!
  5. bloody hell!!! A human encyclopedia!!!!!

    Cool, well at least i know. I know no-one was gonna give me a bollocking, but i didn't want to wear it if it wasn't "the done thing".

    It looks pretty crappy anyway!

  6. I consider those who wear the ISAF NATO gong as well as their OSM to be on the same level as those who buy 'commerative' medals and wear them to big themselves up. Losers.
  7. Can anyone explain the reasoning behind these "commemorative medals"?

    Those who were in and there won't (shouldn't) wear them, those who weren't in or there can't wear them. Walts will wear all they can get their hands on.

    Is there any real point to even producing them?

    Looking at the Awards catalogue included with my RBLA news, I could "qualify" for quite a few but would never dream of getting/wearing them.
  8. Not a defence of them but they were intended to raise money for military charities.
  9. my bold, is that just a NATO criteria or is that how we dish out medals. can some one nip in and out of a theatre and accumulate enough days to gain a medal 8O 8O

    i have a non article five medal (whatever that means too :D ) but from Bosnia is it not meant to be worn either
  10. you can wear your NATO Balkan medal with 'Non Article Five' clasp if you arent already wearing any of the other NATO Balkan medals such as the Bosnia or Kosovo ones.

    So youre unlucky if you have a NATO gong for Bosnia and received the 'Non Article Five' gong for Kosovo or if you got the NATO gong for Kosovo and the 'Non Article Five' gong for Bosnia.
  11. One use of the ISAF medal is that since they are unnamed they can be given out easily by local dignitaries at homecomings as recently happend in my hometown. Not all campaign medals will have come out so having a box of ISAF medals means the mayor can give the boys and girls something and the public can rightly see people being rewarded for service.
    8 July 2005

    Her Majesty The Queen has recently given Her approval for the unrestricted acceptance and wear of the following foreign medal:

    The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) Medal for the Non-Article 5 ISAF Operation in Afghanistan for 30 days or more service with the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) since 11 August 2003.

    Those personnel who are eligible, and who have been awarded the NATO Medal for the Non-Article 5 ISAF Operation in Afghanistan, may now wear the medal.

    The NZDF has provided personnel to serve with ISAF since 2002. The leadership of ISAF initially rotated, on an approximately six-monthly basis, between Britain, Turkey, Germany and the Netherlands. On 11 August 2003, NATO took over the strategic command and operational control of ISAF.

    Only those NZDF personnel who served with ISAF while it was under NATO leadership are eligible for the NATO Medal (ISAF).

    The medal is to be worn as a campaign medal in order of the date of the individual’s service for which it was awarded.

    Not sure if this helps...not familiar with the award

    My boss looked up a DIN for it on DII. It's there. Check it out. My boss seems to think it's legit.
  15. Before you say it, I know this is for the NZDF, but I believe the Queen's approval is commonwealth wide. Like I said, the has been a DIN published.