ISAF medal?

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by legal_eagle, May 14, 2007.

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  1. I had heard something about this but never gave it much thought until I came accross the picture.

    What do you know about this medal and the qualifying criteria?

    I presume if you already have OSM Afghanistan you don't get one?


    Another picture HERE
  2. 30 days service in theatre from the date ISAF took over (01 Aug 06 I think). Issued as a 'gizzit' (mostly in theatre) as well as OSM, but NOT TO BE WORN! (Caps for emphasis to muppets who think they are 'hard done by').
  3. Here we go with another can/cannot be worn debate, along with the 'Non Article 5' NATO medal.
  4. You can wear that one now though, can't you.....
  5. That's not what it is at all..I couldn't care less whether I can wear it or not, because I have no intention of doing so even if I qualified for it, the OSM is good enough for me. It was just a query about a medal that I didn't know about.

    Seems you're turning it into a debate...
  6. I believe so yes.

    Legal-e , just latent jealousy on my part!

  7. Mate you seem well versed on the ISAF Medal

    do you know what was the qualifying period

    for 02, when the Turk's were the lead Nation
  8. lol!, do you have a gong that you're not allowed to wear then?!?
  9. Nah, just know a guy who did aback to back tour awarded the OSM for the first & ISAF for the second, or vice versa,can he wear both?
  10. NO. The ISAF is a 'gizzit'. Additional time in theatre counts towards the ACSM.

    Hedgie, I don't know about '02 sorry.
  11. Hedgie, this from the NATO website:


    General Eligibility Criteria:personnel eligible for the award are those who are members of units or staffs as set out in the Joint Operations Area (JOA) Combined Joint Statement of Requirements taking part in NATO operations in Afghanistan in accordance with the qualifying conditions. Entitlement will be acquired by those forces under NATO command or control whilst in the JOA, and those deployed to the JOA under national command in support of the NATO operation.

    Area of Operation: The Afghanistan JOA is delineated as the political boundaries and airspace of International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) OPLAN 10302. The JOA includes Afghanistan and all neighbouring countries that have borders contiguous with Afghanistan where the force build up will be carried out and host elements of the force that provide direct support. Posts outside of the JOA are not eligible for the medal.

    Qualifying Service: The qualifying period in the Afghanistan JOA is thirty 30 days continuous or accumulated service from 1 June 2003 and a termination date, which will be notified in a supplementary document.

    Aircrew: Aircrew will accumulate one day’s service for the first sortie flown of any day in the Area of Operations; additional sorties flown on the same day receive no further credit. This requirement exists for support as well as combat aircraft; support aircraft include tanker, airlift and surveillance platforms.
  12. Shite I am pre 03
  13. Another issue regarding the ISAF medal.

    I recently can back from Arfgahistan and although i now have my 'proper' medal, I am still waiting for the unit i was with to get the ISAF medal? Any ideas how i can speed up the process??
  14. They shouldn't be - this has been covered many a time before.