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Discussion in 'Medals' started by wmne32, Jun 24, 2012.

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  1. Does anyone know if the ISAF Medal can be worn with other Military medals, I dont have the Afghan GSM.
  2. No of course it can't
  3. Gash wind up, 2/10.
  4. Go on then I'll bite, how did you manage that?
  5. are you serving?
  6. I'm guessing it's because he was in the SAS....
  7. He/she/it/ is - handing drive thru meals through a small window
  8. Got to be a wah! You need to serve in Afghan to get one. I heard you could wear it with miniatures?
  9. 'Afghan GSM', WTF is that then you knob end? It's the 'Operational Service Medal' with Clasp 'Afghanistan', didn't the guy on ebay explain this to you? you know, the guy advertising as SAS / SBS / RM/ PARA / INFANTRY / SPECIAL FORCES. Apologies if I've missed anybody out!

    Oh, I have RAF REGT, there, sorted!

    And yes, you can wear an ISAF Medal with other military Medals. On your Jim Jams
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  10. Original post was either a very poor wah or we have a walt in our midst !!

    Anyone disagree ?
  11. Most of the ppl on here are walting as members of the human race. Sent from Dii, so I should be working.
  12. He could be ex-services and deployed as a civilian PMC under certain circumstances not warranting OSM.
  13. As someone has already stated, I believe they can be worn as miniatures, BUT, really? You'd be better off rocking up with cock-all on your chest than with a non-article 5 medal and you'd attract a lot less attention. It really is that shit! Mines gathering dust in my loft somewhere I think.
  14. You cannot wear the miniature. The directive says the following:

    18. Miniature Medals and emblems must correspond exactly to the full size medals an individual is authorised to wear.
  15. Now there you go again, letting the rules and facts get in the way of a good barrack room story. I wish you sensible f*ckers would just stop it ^~ Queue the I pay for it (and the mess dress) so I can f*cking wear it if I want to Bde :)