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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by squigeypie, May 21, 2009.

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  1. just a short one, ive trawled past blogs and cant find a definite answer. can it be worn on mess kit or not, as im just about to send them off for re-mounting. appologies for the question as i guess the subject has been hammered

    regards SP
  2. Depends on your RSM.
    Some do, some dont.
  3. nope would not do it.....big no no in my unit :)
  4. Miniature Medals
    Miniature Medals and emblems must correspond exactly to the full size medals an individual is authorised to

    There has recently been some speculation on what medals may be worn for service in Afghanistan: barring the exception listed below, only the Operational Service Medal Afghanistan is approved for wear, and similarly the same policy applies to service in Iraq where the Campaign Service Medal Iraq is awarded. The NATO ISAF medal may be retained as a keepsake, as may the NATO Iraq medal if received. These keepsakes are not available through Service channels. Any awards for gallantry or meritorious service are worn in addition to any campaign/operational /general service medals.
    Service personnel on full tour exchange with Commonwealth countries may accept and wear those campaign medals instead of the UK CSM Iraq or OSM Afghanistan. Should this choice be made, that deployment will not count towards the ACSM.

    Taken from DIN's
  5. Seen it done with the Balkan gongs, bloke turned up at Regt dinner with NATO gong with ribbon and clasp 'Former Yugoslavia' and NATO gong with bibbon and clasp 'Non-Article 5'. Both for tours in Bosnia, got nailed for Port at the dinner and bounced for wearing full size at church parade 3 days later.

    If the Queen says no, then the answer is no.
  6. There's just no telling some c*nts is there?
  7. I wear my ISAF medal on my spongebob pyjamas.
  8. I got £28 on ebay for mine. The other 15 or so I nicked from the clerks tent in Bastion all went for about £20.
  9. Its only a crime if your caught.
  10. Not again
  11. Unfortunately. Yet another gong-shy wretch is trying to up his medal count.
  12. Oh cheers mate, so that's why I never got one... :(
  13. im afraid your wrong old bean, ive probably done more tours than you have done weekends, i was mearly clarifiying as ive been told a few different things. i dont want to mount it only to take it off again, when you have several gongs it can be quite expensive you know
  14. I very much doubt it. His rack is almost as impressive as mine.

    Are you TA?
  15. Not totally true as you are allowed to wear one foreign or other awarded medal with your minatures on mess dress. I have seen many people wearing the Saudi or kuwait awarded medal from Op Granby.