ISAF KMNB - Our European Allies?

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by BoyMonkey, Mar 15, 2005.

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  1. :evil: German officers say too many US, British advisers in Kabul

    Text of unatributed report titled "Dominant friends", by German news magazine Der Spiegel on 14 March

    German officers are criticizing the omnipresence of US and British advisers in the Afghan government agencies. Although the Bundeswehr, with about 2,000 troops, provides the largest contingent of the ISAF [International Security Assistance Force] units, its influence in Afghanistan is comparably small. "We are practically not represented in the key positions," an officer says.

    Whenever high-ranking Bundeswehr members meet Afghan ministers or generals, a so-called mentor also sits at the table. New Afghan Defence Minister Abdorrahim Wardak, for example, is constantly accompanied by a young civilian from the London Ministry of Defence. Chief of Staff Besmellah Khan and Maj-Gen. Mohammad Moeen, who is responsible for Kabul, appear in principle with a US companion in uniform. All the Afghans' essential decisions are made by these mentors, the Germans say.

    In the distribution of tasks of the new Afghan Army, the Americans asserted themselves against the advice of German and French ISAF officers, who wanted more support for the reconstruction teams in the provinces. In police training, for which the Berlin Interior Ministry is responsible, the Germans strove in vain for a more thorough training also of the lower ranks. The chief adviser of Interior Minister Ali Ahmad Jalali is an American. However, such complaints leave the US advisers cold: the German friends have influence at the middle level - plenty of positions are still vacant there, they say.

    Source: Der Spiegel, Hamburg, in German 14 Mar 05 p 109
  2. The Germans didnt get involved in Astan until after the Taliban fell. The US and UK were there from the start.
  3. Or perhaps the Afghans didn't want to be plagued but humourless sausage munching box heads?
  4. A dictorship by another name perhaps :roll: