When planning events were large amount of Troops are gathered together in vunerable places, please advertise the above said events by producing colourful and elaborate flyers. Then place the colourful and elaborate flyers were they can be seen, such as the entrance to the dinning facilities,notice boards and other public places, thus ensuring ALL personnel can gather the information!

TTP: When using the Toilets avoid splash back by gently placing 4 sheets of toilet paper on the surface of the water, this will then cushion the fall and eleviate the tension of the water breaking.
When employing LECs, ensure that they are not allowed access to the camp bottle water supply, thus ensuring that you get the maximum work out of them in return for the promise of a bottle of water at the end.
Then (and this is the key point) don't give them any water!
Yes, they'll quit, but there are plenty more LC to take their place!

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