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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by sword_drill, Jun 20, 2005.

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  1. Quick question to all you 'tarts and vicars' types (no, really, I love you all - wouldn't go to war (or out of the country for that matter) without you!)


    A friend of mine is currently being mucked about by an RAMC SSgt who is (apparantly) a PSI in a TA Field Hospital (I wouldn't say which one). Despite this posting (which to my understand and experience is a none deployable one) he claims to have been deployed to Afghanistan. He is currently on mid-tour leave (or so he alleges) and has taken the opportunity to dump my friend, and then had the cheak to ask her if he could still... well, you can guess that bit... for the rest of his leave!

    Ok, fair one I hear some of you saying. Sure we have all done something similar/worse in our time.... But here's the crunch....

    He has a wife and kids.

    What really got me suspisous was three things:

    a) I'm not sure we have any sizable RAMC precense in Afgahnistan at this time - surely any Infantry Coy would take its own medical support? And it would be very odd for a PSI to go.

    b) She's gone over to see him this evening, but not until after 9 'cause he's at TA. Now I know from experience that people on tour drop in on a drill night to say hello but to do the full nights training...?

    c) She claims he works loads.... definately doesn't sound like any PSI I've ever meet!

    So my question to you is this:

    a) Does the RAMC deploy PSI's while in post.

    b) Can a SSgt be a PSI in the RAMC (in my lovely corps they are all WO2s)

    c) Are there any sizable (say above intergral Coy medics) RAMC presence in Afghanistan and where?

    Many thanks!
  2. a) Does the RAMC deploy PSI's while in post.
    As far as I know a PSI can be posted while in post if deemed necessary though it is not common. I don't know what the rules are as such.

    b) Can a SSgt be a PSI in the RAMC (in my lovely corps they are all WO2s)
    Yes, a SSgt can be a PSI, though I would say most are WO2.

    c) Are there any sizable (say above intergral Coy medics) RAMC presence in Afghanistan and where?
    I have no clue about this one, check the MOD website perhaps.

    Hope that helps.
  3. firstly Yes, I am currently on deployement with such a person , not in Afganistan

    Secondly Yes, This person is also a SSgt

    As for the final question, as far as I am aware it is only small detachments with larger units, although that, rumour has it will change very soon.

    Hope this helps 8)
  4. 307

    307 War Hero

    I have a PSI who works his balls off for the battery, so don't tar them all with the same brush.
  5. 307 wasn't taring all PSI's with the same brush, only those from my own direct experience. I have known so excellent PSIs - alas in different companies to those I have served in!
  6. We took several of our PSI's with us to Iraq last year, ranging from Cpl - WO2. Not aware of any in Afghanistan though...
  7. As for Tarts and vicars...hmmpf

    Don't tell us half the story, name and shame the creep!

    Sounds like a loser
  8. Answers:

    A. PSIs do get deployed.
    B. Most RAMC PSIs are SSgts.
    C. It is possible that a post exists within ISAF for such an individual as described.


    If what you have relayed to us is correct and if your 'friend' is serving TA or Reg, then this SSgt clearly fails the Service Test and should be removed. The way to improve or Corps is by removing such dross from the payroll!
  9. Well said... and interesting to see how other people do it.
  10. There are CMTs attached to the PRTs (Provincial Reconstruction Teams) working out of Mazar e Sharif. As these tend to be singleton posts filled by trawls for 'volunteers', you could talk any sort of ARRSE and be believed.

    RAMC PSIs vary hugely in how busy they are. If they're located in Birmingham at the main det for 202, I venture that they are. If they're working at 225 Fd Amb, or the det of 205 in Dundee..........I'm sure they're very busy too.
  11. Same could be said of PSIs anywhere.
  12. yes but didnt they all end up doing bone jobs? Shrek surely wasnt employed correctly out there!
  13. yes ssgt are psi's and they do tours due to our manning issues they go on tour and will more and more
  14. PSI in a Field Hosp is moreoften than not a SSgt

    PSIs dont usually get deployed.

    Small presence in Afghanistan.
  15. That rumour has got that far?