is your units training unorganised ???

I have recently return to my TA unit after an Op tour in the sandy place to find that my unit is still as unorganised as ever we will eventually get a training programme sorted and up on the notice board for everyone to see only for it to be changed or never used!

what is the point of advanced notice of training nights etc if when you turn up you get an ear full for not knowing whats going on?

i am curious to know how many others have this problem or what problems your units have.
Our training programme is filed under fiction. If we held parades in the garages, the lads would not have to walk anywhere all evening.
take it from that, that your unit is focused on one aim mine to training seems to be non-existant and when no one can think up anything it is rely on the PTI to do phys all night which i havent got a problem with but we get two hours a week to train in a military task fitness can be done anytime.

and if we are ment to have phys why isn't it on the programme then i can bring my phys kit.
My unit is the same, we have a training programme for Tues nights but its as flexible as a flexible thing on a flexible day........

You could have trade trg or weapons trg down and end up sweeping garages, have a smoke and a brew becoz the tasked Instr didn't show up or you could get a fast ball lesson in something or other.

I think the key thing here is it depends on who turns in on the night.


Training programmes get drawn up about 3 months in advance, and so there are bound to be changes. Also, as mentioned above the shortage of decent instructors is the biggest problem.

Solution? Book yourself onto DITs, then onto an instructor qualifying course of your choice. Et voila, instant instructors for training nights, more interesting for you as you get to plan and conduct training, and value added to your unit. Alternatively sit back, do nothing and moan about the failure of work being done by others.

Pro-active not reactive!
Or get someone to run a DITS course on Tuesday nights and kill two birds with one stone

Done that, well sort of.

3 trades, 3 levels (classes), therefore 9 instructors, if teaching trade. On our drill night, one, possibly 2, sometimes 3. result, generic training, i.e. how to clean a landrover, how todo A jobs, how to CES, how to clean, how to paint, how to piss soldiers off.
On the upside, yes the PSIs do put some lessons on, and cuffing a lesson at short notice is fun sometimes.
Easier said than done, I instigated a training programme for post taf's pre recruits course recruits a while ago. Basic map reading, basic weapons, fizz, BCDT etc. all the stuff that would give them a real good head start on their 2wk course. It lasted 4ish wks then the SPSI decided to take the recruits of me and put them in unit trade training lessons. He said it was because they needed to know the trade stuff for the up and coming unit w/end. The real reason I suspect was because know one was turning in for the trade lessons and he wanted to use them to make the numbers up.

My diplomatic argument was that their recruits course came next and they should be prepping for that then trade after not before and that should they be handling sensitive kit they have not yet been cleared to see let alone touch and the there is the health and safety issue etc the list goes on.

Anyway the shortend story goes along the lines of I was made redundant and no one benefits from my Qual's, the recruits get poor course reports and the SPSI calls me a lazy bast*rd blah, blah, blah the other Tues night cos I do nothing and it was him that took the job of me that I botherd to create to keep the recruits interested on Tues.
My unit is exactly the same; Troops turn up on a drill night to train, no
decent hard training, no decent troops, instead the same faces who are not bothered
about training turn up because they have nothing else better to do.

I totally agree with the DITs solution, the people whinging about the
training have got to be the people to change it.start acting now.

Although you have not got to be DITs trained to give an interesting and well
thought out lesson, troops that have recently returned from Telic must have
an abundance of training ideas , and experience to back it up ?

I believe a good drill night should contain two lessons of 50 Mins each
that’s what people turn up for, one hard lesson ie physical( not pt) and
one class room.

I personally have seen loads of recruits leave and others not bothering
to turn up because of this training issue.

Surely if this was addressed we would not have a retention issue


Back in the day of being Cpl Duke, I (and the other Cpls) all prepared a load of lessons"just in case". In the event that the nominated instructor failed to show, then instead of presenting a problem to the OC, you could present a solution:

" Sir, Cpl Bloggs has not shown up. I am going to take a lesson on ******, and Cpl Smith is going to take ****** for the second lesson". Result - decent training at short notice, even if not what was on the programme.

I admit that being in a specialist weapons platoon meant that there was always the fallback of weapon training.

Again, mindset! Also, you have to accept the fact that admin is always going to encroach on training occasionally, but the onus is then on the OC/2IC/CSM to negotiate with the G4 chain on behalf of the blokes.
The_Duke said:
Training programmes get drawn up about 3 months in advance
Blimey your lucky, I've not seen ours for a while (and yes some could say I should be writing it ... but I'm now only an enabler)
How about a 7 week training cycle. This means 6 cycles per year. Spares are - 3 for Christmas, 3 for Camp and 4 for a critical military activity e.g. visit of dignitary, the World Cup etc.

Within the cycle decide that 2 drill nights will be out of the TAC. Areas covered in each cycle are: training for a forthcoming Ex/a bigger green box, trade training, a military skill e.g. map reading, driving, just name some more, and spare for interest periods (presentation by the dude who won a xx Cross/medal at the battle of..), Regt History, prep for the sub-unit thrash/clearing it up etc.

Given 14 periods per cycle, we can then have e.g. 2 periods map reading theory, 1 period pacing out 100m, and 2 periods (a drill night) orienteering etc somewhere local. Hey presto a MATT is also passed. In another cycle do First Aid (with BE's on the out of TAC night), and we have another MATT passed. BUT both were done in an interesting way, and if you can find one (go through RAMC for contacts) you can get your chaps 'Emergency First Aider in the Workplace' - a civvie qualification (valid for 2 years and useful for teachers, factory workers, office workers etc). The vehicles will still be there - and bet the VOR rate doesn't suffer!

Why not (shock horror), talk to your local swimming pool and do the Mil swimming test on a drill night (last did mine Ooooh, 19 years ago?), go armed with posters, and the conversation goes something like 'We like it here, we want to come back. Could we talk to your manager about a corporate membership scheme - there are loads of us but we use the pool at xyz because we get in free but still have to pay for our kids (loads of them 'cos we're all virile young men etc), .... etc, and could we put a poster up? We'll be back in 3 weeks time with some of the lads who couldn't make it tonight, can we book now under the free scheme?. Now about that poster, over here? Right a bit?'

Activities out of TAC - orienteeing, mini BE's, driver training, comms, fitness, Kim's games (with a bit of orienteering thrown in), HF (yes this could be done in TAC, but the Recreation ground esp. on football training night will yield far more recruits), Cam and Concealment (depends on the Rec ground but basically same detail, Convoy Drills/trg (only need 3 vehs) - esp. with posters on the side etc. Go to a SAT (or whatever the new version is called), Assault Course at local Barracks. If all else fails then veh maintenance can be fun?

Do a bit of cross-training with local units (yes of course they are the God forsaken XXX Regt or Corps, but if you get your 'hosting' evening in first, all your guys will see how you lied to make your thing seem sexy (some may even re-engage!), so you won't lose people to other units because they are now interested in what they are doing.

In the South, I want Ambulance training (non-city blue light) - always helps to have a few extra just in case, CBRN (RY - PE I will call shortly), big noises (RE EOD - we have already spoken), Upper body fitness training - OP's and fire support (RA we have spoken), RPC - any in South? I would like a run down on battlefield procedures etc, AGC I would like a 'User's guide' to CII, pay and conditions, RLC - convoys, MSR rules, chef liaison, etc.

We are Inf, and what do you want? This is not an exhaustive list. We will provide instructors in what we do for your guys, come up with a reciprocal idea for mine. Training just gets more interesting.
jinkeye said:
take it from that, that your unit is focused on one aim mine to training seems to be non-existant and when no one can think up anything it is rely on the PTI to do phys all night which i havent got a problem with but we get two hours a week to train in a military task fitness can be done anytime.

and if we are ment to have phys why isn't it on the programme then i can bring my phys kit.
Oi ginger balls, you never turn up on time, so you miss the phys!
Fair Play though skive to survive and all that!
Oi bastard go back to you cave long time no see numbered you know the score you should come see the state of how the TA is it would hurt your sneaky peepers.
It does not help if you have a shortage of trained nco's to deliver training or events get cancelled at the last minute. In our unit weapons cannot be drawn out at short notice as only a few snco's have access to the armoury. We were recently conducting build up training for an obua ex, but the cpl due to take it did not show so we had to improvise an interest lession. When I went to the stores to draw relevant kit I was advised that I should have indented for it a week ago.
it is really frustrating and makes you wonder if it was worth while turning up some times it never used to be like this a few years back i pitty the fool who destroyed the EFFECTIVE running of the unit

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