Is your six pack as good as this?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by 1stgulfmac, Oct 19, 2012.

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  1. My six pack is more like a party 7
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  2. Mines an 8 pack as 2 were free!
  3. Started off with a 6 pack. The progression since has been: Party 7, Polypin, Firkin, Kilderkin, Barrel, Hogshead, Butt, Tun. But it's all been bought and paid for!
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  4. That waist isn't 29 inch oh and he's pig ugly.
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  5. Mines not bad actually, I weight train & go running a lot so I'm in good shape, I'm determined not to be a fat knacker as I get older.
  6. An easy claim to make.

    Needs to be backed up.

    With evidence.

    Pictures! :)
  7. We all used to think like that,give it time,give it time.............
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  8. My six pack is a work of art. Highly sculpted, beautifully defined and frankly the best thing on Gods earth.

    Which is why I like to protect it with a thick layer of fat.
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  9. If Cliff can do it, I can! And unlike him I shag as well, extra calories burned. ;-)
  10. Trenton Oldfield, a muscle bound twat with a rat under his schnozz and 15.45 hrs feet.
  11. Sorry, 14.45hrs feet
  12. Ive got a keg
  13. .... and you've not bothered to read any of the other posts.
  14. What is impressive is that old bloke got in shape without all the shite bounded around today... Just good ol fashioned healthy eating & exersize.. No protien shakes , diet suppliments , vitamin pills, special gym equipment , etc etc.


    Edit.. Noticed this is in the Naafi..... I bet his cock is only one inch and a ripple too.