Is your MP any good?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by fltpilot, Oct 10, 2012.

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  1. My MP is has a safe seat & a large majority and does write some nice letters.
    But not always supporting you or your case!

    So is your MP any good?
  2. Ours is absolutely useless and doesn't live in my area.The same goes for our Local Councillor.I am voting UKip from now on.
    Conservatives and LibDem don't even field a candidate anymore.I have voted all my life and never seen such a piss poor bunch of loosing tossers that we have in the 21st century.If you can vote UKip.
  3. Mine apparently believes he is, if Question 4 is anything to go by.

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  4. You should send that into the News Quiz, Carrots.
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  5. If you live in Failsworth West ward, you have a by election on the 15th Nov. Warren Bates is your candidate. he scored 32% last time
  6. I feel sure that most of us have the best MPs money can buy.
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  7. My MP is 32: this is is exemplary CV (from Wiki)
    Born in Sunderland, Jonathan moved to Manchester in 1998. Jonathan studied at the University of Manchester and BBP Law School (Manchester). After leaving university Jonathan worked for the council and (former MP) James Purnell, before beginning training as a solicitor.
    Between 2003 and 2005, Jonathan was the Youth Representative on the Labour Party’s National Executive. In 2007, Jonathan was elected to Tameside Council for the ward of Longdendale, Jonathan and his family live in Mottram-in-Longdendale. In the General Election of May 2010, Jonathan was elected as MP for Stalybridge and Hyde. In 2011 Jonathan stood down as councillor, the candidacy was taken up by Gill Peet[SUP][6][/SUP] who was elected in his place.
    Jonathan, in addition to being a Labour Party Member (since 1998) is a member of the Cooperative Party and Unite the Union
  8. Mine spends so much time sitting on the fence she's got splinters in her arse.
  9. What do you want to know what they're good at?
  10. They all should be members of the Magic Circle because they're all proficient prestidigitators when it comes to claiming expenses.
  11. Our MP lives in Fife . Whether he's any good or not I have no idea , never had any dealings with him but I thank my lucky stars that I dont live in the next Constituency to ours......they have Eric Joyce !
  12. Ours is OK, he's SNP (no surprise there then).
  13. No idea who he/she is, but they'll be conservative, and have a double barrelled name.

    My local councellor is a different matter. He's got us all £50.00 compensation when they replaced the faulty electric cables, and took six months longer than they said. The cables were replaced due to him making the County Council invoke some order to the cable provider to make them carry out works.
    He's moved lampposts put in the wrong places, (in front of bedroom windows). Speed humps that were starting to fall apart he got removed, if you have one starting to go, report it to him, they'll be gone in the next 48hrs.

    Oh and he halved the councillors expanses as soon as the recession hit. Top bloke all round.
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  14. They are all a bunch of freeloading ******* IMHO. They will promise you the earth to get in but once in, forget it mate. I would'nt waste my time voting now, and also living in Durham if you dont vote liebour your taken outside and shot.