Is your meat safe

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by CharlieBubbles, Mar 14, 2008.

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    Much of the fresh meat here in the Uk at present is checked by Meat Hygiene Inspectors of the Meat Hygiene Service, they in turn a part of the Food Standards Agency.

    However, here in the Uk as we speak, the NHS are trying to turn over the inspection to Private Contractors and at the lost available price to the government.

    This was tried in both the USA and Australia and was forced back into the Public Sector, when it was found that the standards of those working with the food production, did not come up to the same standards set by the FSA (government).

    This scheme is to be trialed initially in Lincolnshire and East Anglia, with private contactors been given the chance to bid, albeit after freeby party's given by some to GREASE certian palms!

    Part of the problem is this new system will be overseen by many Vets from overseas, some who find it difficult to communicate, or understand BRITISH vaules, as well as the Food Laws.

    Again WE here in the UK are the ONLY ones in the EU that are intending on the use of private contactors, so why just here in the UK?
    Or is the UK trialing it before it goes EU wide?

    However, with both the States and Aus going back to Public Sector inspection, why do those here in the UK belive it will work here?

    And for those out there, why are Unison let it happen, by rolling over on thier members and letting their bellies be ticked?

    Another good reason to go Veggie?
  2. There is never ever a good reason to go veggie, unless you live in Muswell Hill, like taking it up the puckered starfish and your name is Tarquin

    They should do away with these feckers anyway. these feckers are responsible for the dissapearance of the little slice of kidney that used to be attached to your pork chop many many moons ago.

    if the meat stinks, is the wrong colour is riddled with maggots.. dont buy it simple eh!! if it contains harmful biohazards, dioxins and the like well its just a test of ones immune system... get over it fer chrissakes*

    *brought to by Starveikillittancutitup quality purveyors of rancid flesh
  3. There is a very serious side to all of this.

    I have seen inside of a food slaughter factory, it killed some 35,000 chickens a day, the mess was horrendus and it was ONLY the MHI's who kept it to a standard whereby the General Public were not given food poisioning of one kind or another.

    The MHS is a government body who ensures with well trained staff (British) that standards were both reached and kept to. However, with the new contract 'Control Bodies' although they have to comply with legislation supposeadly, they also have a profit margine to make and with no national union looking after thier welfare and work practices.

    That will ensure, the new contact staff themselves will be both put at risk and if the staff are looking always over thier shoulders, then will they do the job they need to do, to keep out fresh meat safe?

    More and more in the chicken plants, they have thier own staff of inspection, this is checked by Vets and here in Lincolnshire you could have up to three different vets a week in one plant, so where is the consistancy and many of these vets are from the EU, the poorer countries and hence less well trained and more inexperiance vets on £35:00 an hour!

    Then there is the welfare of the animal, with the MHS they do have standards that are kept and to-date very high! Why is this?
    If the animal, be it Cow or Chicken arrives for slaughter in the best of health and not stressed, the end meat product will be better for the consumer. And those selling the meat products to the retailer, will get a better quality and more money for more good meat. If the animal is damaged in any way and unfit for slaughter, it will not be allowed into the food chain for humans.

    Knowing someone who used to work in the business and the RISKS that will be there IF the system goes over the a Private Control Body, we are looking at a very increased risk of any animal disease getting into the Human food chain, where before it would be destroyed.
  4. The whole process of centralisation regarding slaughter has been a blo*dy disaster. Years ago animals only had to travel a couple of miles to be killed: minimum stress, minimum polution, minimum cost to the animal producer. Now through political interfering in the name of meat hygene animals may and usually do travel great distances, they get processes in huge plants that cannot be kept at the standards required, risk transferring disease due to transportation and yet the gov says the system is better?

    If we had less stupid legislation written by office wallahs not farmers we may have a better, more probuctive but certainly a more animal friendly method of food production. Those of you who do not live on a farm or work in the industry will not believe the stupid, **** legislation that is constantly being brought out. An example being the fallen stock legislation.
    If one of my cattle dies up on the hill, well away from human habitation, water collection etc, I am obliged by law to get a machine up to the carcass, drag it down to the nearest road whereupon I will pay to get a lorry to take it to a chilling unit beside a slaughterhouse. (This is irrespective of the condition of the carcass).
    When enough (ie the chiller container is full) carcasses have been collected, this is loaded onto a ferry for a five and a half hour ride and then transported to the nearest incinerator!

    From having a carcass well away from the potential of crosscontamination with humans, we have been deliberately forced to bring rotting carcasses into close proximety with the very place animals are slaughtered for human consumption. Further, by removing carrion from the hill we endanger birds such as White tail eagles, eagles buzzrds and others that depend on carrion over the winter.
    Common sense or blo*dy madness!

    Ah, rant over.
  5. If God hadn't wanted us to eat animals He wouldn't have made them out of meat.

    I don't buy chicken anyway - I shoot the meat for our table.
  6. Charlie you are right here is a serious side... that being I get paid more than a vet and I didnt spend 7 odd years at vet school that is SERIOUSLY good for me :D
  7. I can see what you mean, not much chicken left after some 12 bore has been through it... bit difficult shooting cows though isnt it... how do you drag it home and doesn't the farmer notice
  8. Actually the serious side of your post is that for the last 8 years apart from a year in Eire and a year in Essex, I have lived and worked in the czech republic, Romania and Germany. The food in these counries... EU countries with EU vets and EU run slaughterhouses... actually except Romania I was there before it went EU.... was excellent... especially Romania.

    Here in cz it is not uncommon for us all togather round a neighbours whilst he does his work on one of the pigs, which is then butchered and turned straight away into Goulash, sausages and cuts of meat... no vets no inspectors... no dicky tummies or runny bottoms.
  9. 12 bore works fine on pheasant. They tend not to be right at the muzzle so they don't get shot to bits. Same with pigeon, rabbit, squirrel too. Although I did have to lose the front end of the last squirrel I shot as it was rather close and was too shot up. No great problem though - most of the meat on a squirrel is the saddle and hind quarters.

    I don't bother with beef - we eat venison instead.

    Haven't got any wild boar round here yet so we do still buy bacon. ;)

    Being a good way from the sea we have to buy our fish too. Kippers for breakfast!
  10. The reason for this change is quite simple .....................beancounters. The justification for it is another matter altogether.
  11. Move to Kent mate.. apparently theres a few there... wild boar is the nicest meat you can buy in restaurants here in CZ, I love it.

    Beef is beef although I have yet to find a really excellent steak here, not keen on venison, although its all right, they sell both Stag and Doe steaks here, havent really worked out the difference yet.
  12. We do all our own meat here too. I breed wild boar and I do home kill which is legal except that I cannot sell the meat. I have yet to see anyone complain of problems after eating home kill. Part of the problem for the Urbanites is the fact that they are actively encouraged to live in a super sterile world. What this means is that when they are exposed to any bacteria that their system has not had a chance to get used to; they get the runny guts. Instead of accepting this our health service gets us to try and avoid all exposure.

    Remember many years ago having this discussion with a fairly young female MO and telling her that I ate raw meat. She was horrified, telling me that I couldnt possibly do that as I wouldnt survive! Even after I gave her a demonstration she wasnt convinced.To this day, both my girls and I eat raw beef, venison and mutton without ever having had any problems.
  13. These systems and procedures have been put in place to protect the public from disease and other animal related problems, if the meat has been passed for human comsumption and by a National contol body working within the regions. However, they are breaking up these tried and tested regional departments, allowing private 'Contol Bodies' to check that all meat is safe for human consumption, or NOT!

    Most right minded and free thinking people have eaten meat for 1,000's of years, THEN it was killed and consumed on the day, or soon after. Now it could be weeks, even months before it enters the food chain and lets not forget ALL the imported meats, that once it has been put through a UK Cutting Plant, it can be called British!

    I am only too well aware that farmers have had a rough deal with the under 30 month and the Fallen Stock policy, what with all the closures of the LOCAL meat slaughted plants, it has meant that the animal could have to travel many 10's of miles, if not further.

    So why dd the EU keep their Public Body in charge of all matter "Farm to Fork" and we are going into a private contol body, with standards changing from area to area.

    Why did the USA and Australia go back to Public Contol, why do this shower of sh1te think it will work here, when it did not there?
  14. What is not in dispute is that the public health bodies are charged with looking after public health. To date they have failed to do so.

    I do not buy meat, any meat, I shoot my own. Why? I no longer trust the system that has been put in place to safeguard 'FOOD' safety.

    Interestingly enough, I am no longer allowed to hand my beef for four or five weeks to mature, yet go anywhere in Europe including Brussels and you will find beaf that has been hung for as long if not longer!

    Britain has policed its food legislation in the past with the same zeal and vigour as the nazis unlike the rest of Europe. Funny that the rest of Europe does not have its populace dying in droves due to food poisoning!
  15. I'm an EHO.

    Standards dropped when EHO's handed the job over to the MHS when they were invented!

    But I quite agree with your concerns. My understanding is that the slaughter houses themselves will be able to provide their own inspectors. My concern is the pressure that those inspectors will be under from their employers to condemn as little as possible. Condemned meat = lower profits.