Is Your Cellphone kosher??

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Rocketeer, Apr 1, 2006.

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  1. thought this was an April Fool joke but, it ain't...
    seems that kosher phones are real...

    Abrasha Burstyn CEO of MIRS Communications, an Israeli subsidiary of Motorola introduced the kosher phone last year..
    What you get is a mobile phone stipped down to its original function.. a phone.. no music, no video/ photo add-ons and a chip that blocks 10,000 numbers for sex, dating services and ' other ' offerings..These numbers are updated by a team of Rabbis from the more ' orthodox ' side of Judaism..

    The idea that a team of Orthodox Rabbis have to sit and check out sex chat lines and ' dating services' numbers all day to make sure they're not the sort of stuff a good Jew should have on his phone strikes me as funny, though.. ' Rabbi Hershel, this one is offering two for one special on blow jobs before prayers on Friday.. is that okay?"

    in a weird sort of ecumenism across the divide , the Jewisdh intiative in controlled phoning has attracted the interest of Arab companies looking to introduce such limits to ban sex and other worldly temptations from their phones.. Don't want jihadists distracted by earthly rewards when the need is there to protect conservative Islamic sensibilities...

    There is a move to introduce these phones into America by head office.. guess fundamentalist Christians need to be free of phone **** temptation, too..

    might just invest in one myself, if it blocks annoying telemarketers from bugging me with crap ads for stuff I don't need/want...

    what would you guys block from your phones..other than your mother-in-law?
  2. Errrrmmm, in a word, mine ain't kosher. :( Not with them pictures of willies on it. :oops: :wink:
  3. Not even nice Jewish, circumcised willies.
  4. I am sure that if you ask around enough that SOMEONE on ARRSE will send you one!!

    :wink: :lol:

    Register with this crowd and all the calls will stop. They have done for me apart from one company who decided to blatantly ignore the fact that I had registered. Mint Mobile Ltd in Selby, North Yorkshire-you're a bunch of cnuts who deserve everything the Information Commissioners Office will do to you due to my complaint.......