Is yomping Royal Marine an Albino?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Howler, Oct 20, 2009.

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  1. [​IMG]

    It's been bothering me for 27 years??

    Infiltration perhaps, by the ALF (Albino Liberation Front)

    Evidence if needed.

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  2. Or just blonde?

    IIRC some journo "found" him a while ago.I'll have a look,as I have no real work to do,until 10am.

    EDIT to add.
    I have a name from Wiki.
    The image of "the Yomper" became one of the iconic images of the Falklands War, [4] [5] . The original photograph was taken by Petty Officer Peter Holdgate, Commando Forces Photographer, whilst working as part of the Commando Forces News Team. After landing with 40 Commando at San Carlos, Holdgate accompanied British forces across the Falklands War zone taking hundreds of photographs. The photograph of 24 year old Corporal Peter XXXX was taken in June 1982 as the Royal Marines proceeded along the Moody Brook track towards Port Stanley. When news of the surrender of Argentine forces was received, Corporal XXXX produced a Union Flag from his pack and attached it to the aerial of his radio with masking tape. The photograph itself was entirely spontaneous and not staged. The image was used as the inspiration of a statue [6] that was unveiled by Lady Margaret Thatcher on 8 July 1992 on the 10th anniversary of the conflict, it now adorns the entrance to the Royal Marines Museum in Southsea.

  3. Pretty sure he posted on arrse once but can't be arrsed to find it!

    (Hope your here mate)

  4. Anybody ever fucked an albino?

    Just remembering this is the NAAFI.

  5. Nearly, she was an Albanian. Is that close enough?
  6. That gave me the first grin of the day.
  7. Nah, just a pale imitation.
  8. Not an Albino but there was a girl in berlin in the mid 70s known as Thumbelina because of her 2 deformed thumbs- I fcuked her.

    I hate that bloody picture- and all the staged pictures of the marines reraising the flag over government house in stanley- fcuking bunch of surrender monkies.

    Got any boats to give away this week?