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Is Wootton Bassett getting a bit Princess Diana?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Mr_C_Hinecap, Jul 16, 2009.

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  1. I'm not some cold-blooded freak. Genuine thought here:

    Is Wootton Bassett going to end up weighed down under the sort of public displays of grief that we saw go off the scale with the death of Diana? I'm fully behind the local old boys / RBL and the way the town has got behind it (despite the fact you were a dead cert for a battering if you were a serviceman drinking there a few years back). What grips me is the way it is becoming a focus for the sort of professional mourners and hand-wringers who laid flowers for the 'People's Princess' way back when. The sort of person who writes poetry, badly, about someone they have never met and tells it to the world. The media coverage of it is just fuelling the fire and makes the grief-mongers and red-faced nutters want to get there for every repatriation and turn it into a circus spectacle.

    I want the British Public to back the British Tommy - heaven knows the Forces have been shunned for long enough. If as much effort went into supporting the Forces whilst living I might be less annoyed by the hearse-chasing grief-walts.

    Just a view - nothing malicious.
  2. Totally agree mate. Some of the original dignity is being lost due to the 'spectacle' now.
  3. sounds malicious knobber mods delete this its ****ing disgusting.
    tell the grief ridden partners and parents that they are walts .
  4. It is quite obvious that the good citizens want to quietly recognise those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. The would be horrified if it turned into some sort of circus, no matter how well intentioned the masses were. Their respect for the soldiers is paramount and they wish to state it in their own quiet and dignified way. Long may they be allowed to continue in such a manner.
  5. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    I understand the concern. We can't have it both ways though.

    Members of this site have been going on for years that we want the public to support us and when they do the media says there is a story in it - because there is. It appeals to the masses and in the same way how the Princess of Wales and others have had. This support is then propigated by the media and only will fuel the fire.

    Today it is fashionable to support the Forces. Great. Our time will end and it will be fashionable to try it on with every soldier that goes for a drink in their local boozer.

    We have helped create this and must live with the silly element that goes with us - in that I mean the professional grief-mongers and bandwagon supporters.

    I am assuming that your utopia is similar to many people here; that Tommy Atkins is given a respectful nod and the landlord occassionally pours you a pint on the house to say thanks. Unfortunately, utopia will never exist.
  6. Why? Because you dont like what he (a serving member of the Armed Forces) has said or because you're upset that he's slagged your poetry off?
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  7. certainly the bbc rolling news coverage was pretty bad. the voice over was choked with that husky phoney emotion thats reserved for those times the beeb wants to show its 'caring' side.
  8. Member of the Communist party are we???? :?
  9. The people of WB are damned if they do, damned if they don't. Nobody would want them to show indifference every time a cortege goes through the village, but as C_Hine rightly point out, it also attracts the professional hand-wringers and hanky-sobbers. On balance, the good folk are doing what they, and the decent majority, feel is right - the other aspect is a small price to pay.
  10. no the rifles actually 2 rifles to be exact the unit whos men were being driven through
  11. I agree with the OP too. Much as we crave respect from the public, this is now the place to be seen for professional mourners.

    No doubt you're a religious attendee on the streets of Wootton Bassett though eh Stevieni22? Take a chill pill and re-read the first post.

  12. or that he could have put it on the 2 threads already on this ..........
  13. no im not a religious attendee of WB however if the families want to express their grief the wider families of the blokes who cant go to the re pat because as you know numbers are limited then let them express grief in the streets
  14. Mr HC isn't trying to show disrespect for the fallen, stevie. He's merely highlighting the media circus and rent-a-mob aspect WB has now found itself in. It may be in danger of losing that special, dignified, humble, low key British stiff upper lip 'appeal' that has touched the country. It's a good thing that the place has finally highlighted the real cost of our campaign in Afghanistan but to the cost of media moguls, politicos and the pro-grief whores who now see it is an 'opportunity'.
  15. The media spectacle - definitely. It's surely a bad thing when the RBL and various great and good of WB have to write in to the Telegraph and the Guardian (that I've seen, there may well be more) to protest that they don't want the town to be awarded a GC or a prefix of 'Royal' or a renamed high street.

    All of which I've seen mooted by doubtlessly well-meaning people but frankly seem to be spurred on by a voracious media appetite for the town while it's flavour of the month.

    I much preferred the seemingly genuine spontaneity of the townsfolk turning out with a bit of dignity and respect.