is wondering if theres more than 10 ODPs in the world?

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Manchester_Events, Apr 12, 2008.

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  1. apart from the 10 on here that is

    searched on FB and Google - but think i've more chance of finding Osma Bin Laden

    anyway.. if there is any living and going to BCU - here's a little FB group i've created

  2. OOOH please Sir, I know one and hes not on here so I'll forward your link to him!

    Thats eleven then!
  3. lol - cheers! :D 8)
  4. If there is any more than 10 and they find alcohol at the same time.....look out..
  5. Come on I resemble that remark
  6. we are a dying breed.
  7. Or is that dying to breed
  8. depends on how much alcohol is on offer and what females are around.
  9. Since when did you get that picky, you'll be saying that you expect them to be the same species next
  10. my taste in women has changed in the 23 years that we have known each other, I not only have a weight limit now, I also, unless absolutely necessary try to stick to the human type.
  11. Like you my weight limit varied with the wait limit
  12. Just make sure no CMT's are around fellas as you will be stirring someone elses gravy if they are!! :D !!

    Bit of banter to start the week nowt like it, mind the bloke I served with who could drink the quickest was an OTT/ODP, he used to say the only think he didn't drink was slowly ;P !!!! Good man old SB was at 22FD with me for 4 years, top bloke.
  13. Weight limit grows with alcohol level I'm sure there is some complicated formula from my physics days, but when you need to apply the formula your too drunk to worry.
  14. Sure we are thinling of the same excellent chap, had a great time with him at Rinteln
  15. 22 what year ?