Is whistleblowing good for the health?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ringdoby, Jul 18, 2011.

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  1. BBC News - NoW phone-hacking whistle-blower Sean Hoare found dead
  2. Stagging on at Deepcut is safer
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  3. I'll sign out a few million tin foil hats on a 1033.
  4. Trainee suicide bomber seems to be a safer career path.
  5. Almost a little walk in the woods, methinks.
  6. Don't worry. If there was any foul play, I'm sure the police will have the intelligence, tenacity and incorruptibility required to uncover the truth.
  7. Wonder if he changed the pin for his voicemail?
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  8. We need to revisit the whistleblower protection legislation to consider which parts to tighten up in order to prevent this from happening again.
  9. Prevent what happening? I think it's already against the law to kill people, if you're implying that he may have been done to death.
  10. Oh, how ****ing convenient.
  11. Unexplained but not suspicous deaths must be stamped out
  12. Apparently he was about to expose that the case for mass destruction of the British coalfields was false. Murdoch, Maggie's secret number two, was denying this as recently as 2010 when he delivered the Margaret Thatcher lecture. He gave away no hint that the mass giveaway of council housing had a secret agenda for boosting circulation of the Sun guised as a vision of creating a property owning democracy.

    Genius in a way as we were already a property owning democracy because so much of the housing was public owned till Maggie gave it away to the idle prospective Sun market share.

    Nowadays the success of Murdochia can readily be seen. Who else could have persuaded the retired armed forces community to heroine worship a woman who went to war knowing the torpedos don't work, the dockyards had just been cut back but would be needed after all, the firefighting systems were unreliable, the auxiliary power systems were unreliable, the ships could not detect incoming exocets.

    Thank goodness Yates of the Yard thinks his integrity is intact. We wouldn't want the cash for peerages and De Menezes inquiries to be re-opened would we ?

    But for those of you not inclined to conspiracy theory you could check out the legal blog "Jacko Kent" and go back a few months ?

    We are watching the puppets collapse on stage in full view of the audience after the puppeteers cut the strings and left the building. As Armstrong would say "What's really going on". The last media puppet went for a swim in the Med I seem to recall.
  13. Exactly!

    It's inconceivable how a megalomaniac billionaire could get away with such a crime. Oh? err - Hang on!
  14. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    if you want to read about the dangers of whistleblowing, get the current issue of Private Eye - there's a special section in it on NHS whistleblowers, and the lengths (and public money) that the Health Authorities / Hospital Managers went (and are still going to) to silence or punish them.

    Oh, and BounceBanana wins this week's prize for the daftest post, and it's only Tuesday.
  15. Is crying "Conspiracy Theory!" the replacement for the old chant of "Racist!"?

    Incidentally I subscribe to the Joan Rivers approach for dealing with any such comments and my favourite fairytale is still "The Emperor's New Clothes".