Is Wattisham the most boring posting on Earth?

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by TheBlackPearl(aaarrgghh!), Jul 1, 2005.

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  1. YES, life bores the s*it out of me at wattisham!

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  2. No, im happy in my comfort zone thankyou!

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  1. It seems to me that Wattisham is suffering from a lack interest from the top down, so why is that the case?? debate away 8O
  2. Well yet another moaning idiot probably from the junior ranks of 3 AAC at a guess, what diddums didn't get promoted or something!!!

    Wattisham is what you make of it, if stay in all the time its going to be boring. If you go out an get minced all the time you are eventuallly going to be bored! There is plenty to do in the local area, climbing walls, mountain biking in thetford etc. IF you can be bothered to get up off your whinging ass!!!!!
  3. systemvalue i know who you are lol
  4. You should be grateful , I was there for one night in 90 , when it was still a RAF base , we used to call it "Whatashame" most dismal naafi ever known to man
  5. Its OK until you get a posting to anywhere north of Hannover cos then it gets really boring trying to get any sence out of the majority of amoeba who are there.
  6. Good to see your spelling is still as shi*e as ever Warden
  7. Thankyou Sam........Churchill was rather futuristic wasn't he?
  8. well then my mistake, im sorry! wattisham is a great posting, ive never been anywhere better thankyou for pointing it out to me. im im just so greatful that a SNCO/WO has shown me the error of my ways!.

    Yea right wattisham sucks ass and is going down hill faster than david blunkett on roller skates :) :)
  9. Like I said BlackPearl its what you make of it, good help the world if you ever get to a position where your negative attitude can influence others! There are plenty of better places in civilian life, do the right thing and do one, if its so bad!
  10. Was that the place they used to call the 'Contrail Club'?
  11. Wattisham has always been this way, ever since I can remember not like the good old detmold days, where everyone was just wanting to get pissed etc.

    Wattisham can be good and its like most things - good days and bad days. I think a lot of it is who your boss is and the sort of jobs they want you to carry out.

    I would not say its not too bad now compared to when I was 659 sqn 95-97 I hated it wanting to signed off only stayed in coz of my 2 kids. Only staying for the pension - money for old rope.

    You could always transfer?
  12. black pearl do you ever wonder why it's only boring around you !!!!!
    hmm see a pattern developing here!
    my life is a non stop rollercoaster of thrills and spills with cold beer and hot ladies. Go to the qm's, sign out a personality and join me and many others on the party train to nowhere !!!!!
    bye x x x 8) 8) 8)
  13. If Wattisham is so bad, why not go and see your Chief Clerk and ask him to let you read the Joining Instructions for Assessment at the various Special Duties (SD) units now expanding like topsy.

    I'm sure that working towards this goal would keep your brain (and your body) too busy to get bored in deepest, darkest Suffolk. There is extra dosh if you make the grade and you might get deployed in some of the fleshpots of the Western world as well as more exotic places.

    Mind you, SRR / DHO et al. claim to be after self starters who can act on their own initiative. Is this you ? Will it help you pull more birds than a set of flags?
  14. or get a job in the qm's like the rest of the whingeing ladyboy's at wattisham, and that my little pirate friend will make you a happy camper!.
    or you could always try to find one of my GOLDEN Tickets :)
  15. well thanks for the advice fellas. my negative and somewhat dour attitude has now dispersed from me, and i now want to carry out all my tasks in life with real zeal, zest and drive!. i already cannot wait to awake on the morrow and project myself forthwith unto any task which i may now encounter.
    how do i get a golden ticket then??, i know some in 3 troop who like the golden rivet :)