Is "walt" to strong a word?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by cliffjumper, Feb 17, 2010.

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  1. Hello all
    new to ARRSE although i have often dipped in and out of arrsepedia,

    firstly must apologise if i have posted this in the wrong place,
    Was wondering if i could ask a few stupid questions,

    brother in law has long been bane of my existance, type of guy who just randomly lies for no reason at all,
    latest lies revolve around the army
    ,certain things he is saying just dont add up (bit of a family history of millitary service and being a CFAV with the ACF helped to spot holes in his story)

    Firstly he was selected to become a sniper during basic training.
    Does this happen?
    (asumed this type of training would take place in continuation or once in his regiment)

    He constantly kept getting "leave" during basic, not long weekends but weeks off at a time.
    does this happen?
    (didnt think rcts got leave during basic)

    was also suposedly awarded a plaque for "being fittest in section"
    Does this happen?

    finally i know he ended up in colchester (the prision) mctc? for collecting money whilst in his no2,s whilst on yet more "leave" was caught and sent to the glasshouse,
    recently stated that he had
    " talked to the army and they said i could come back"
    surely not? if you end up in the glasshouse thats you done isnt it?

    I dont think he is a typical "walt" because he doesnt say these things to impress people (he has never said he was anything other than a infantry man) they just spew forth because he doesnt know its wrong to lie.
    actually feel quite sorry for the guy.

    anyway the reason for checking his story is he will soon be coming to live with us for a spell, if he starts to talk shite again i would like to be able to catch him out. but as i said i have very limited knowledge of basic training so for all i know he could be telling the truth.

    well hopefully someone can help answer the above questions
    thanks in advance.
  2. Walt isn't too strong a word, but then neither is lying tosspot.
    1) Sniper training doesn't begin until you get to unit, that's if you get chosen.
    2) Yes, you can get leave whilst in basic, but not to the amount you seem to be referring to.
    3) Yes, awards are made to recruits or were, best recruit, best improved fitness, best shot etc.
    4) Yes, you can return after a spell in MCTC, but why was he "collecting" money whilst on leave and in No2 as well?
  3. "Walt Detected" Best advice i can give you Sir ---- Stay clear of this man, unless you want a life of hell that is.
  4. " Walt" is a crap term that's used by the civvies on arrse .
  5. Hi Joker
    Thanks for the reply seems he isnt making up some of this stuff then
    (apart from the sniper stuff)
    he was collecting money because he was skint wore his no2,s to make it look offical i think,
    (was collecting for injured soldiers aparantly)

    personaly i think he couldnt hack it (no shame in that, the army isnt for everyone) and then went AWOL.
    he was never able to produce a ID card either
    if i am issued one as a CFAV then he should have got one right?
    oh well thanks for the help anyway
  6. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    outrage, outrage, outrage, etc etc, fire up the bus and the burning crosses.
  7. 1.... Ask him his Army number----It should comprise of 8 numbers in total.

    2.... Then ask him what he thinks about "going on stag." (This is army slang for " a guard duty shift")

    3.... Final test, ask him to "Bull" a pair of your favorite leather footwear! (should be returned to you, looking like glass !)
  8. Perhaps he went awol because he was about to have the crap beaten out of him for the above........... Substitute walt with Cnut

  9. Kill him now, if he did that to pay for his own self, then hes a piece of shite with no bollocks, no integrity and no conscience, and doesnt deserve to walk the streets, what a wanker.

    Do not let him stay with you, he will prolly end up selling your house to feed his habit, the no mark waster.

    Is his surname golden?
  10. Ask him what his 1157 is.
  11. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Oi woodentop you want a ptichfork and a side order of Torches? :p
  12. Could a person get loads of "leave" on basic by consistantly failing miserably, having to wait for the next intake, and not telling their family that they are in fact a mong? (Hypothetically, of course)
  13. Speaking from experience? ;)
  14. Not even. Havn't got there yet. It might actually happen.
  15. Or a P1954........the voice of experience.