Is Vladimir Putin Russia’s Ronald Reagan?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by armchair_jihad, Sep 4, 2007.

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  1. Is Vladimir Putin Russia’s Ronald Reagan?

    I think there are many similarities;

    Both taking office at a historic low point of their respective Countries.

    Both focused on renewing National strengths (and myths), both unashamedly Nationalistic and Patriotic.

    Both restoring their Countries Military.

    Both running ‘loose Government’ allowing things like Iran Contra or increased Journalistic mortality to happen, without their consent or knowledge. :wink:

    Both coming from previous careers deeply associated with National Identity; Reagan – Hollywood Actor, Putin – KGB silent guardian.

    Both very unpopular with the chattering classes of other Countries.

    Both popular with Domestic media while constantly criticized by Foreign media.
  2. In all fairness, to the best of our knowledge Putin isn't delusional or suffering from Alzheimer's. In that sense perhaps it was his predecessor who was more similar to The Great Communicator on that one.
  3. "However, many people in Russia are not democrats at all, rejecting the very idea that democracy is a good system for running the country. In 1993, people with anti-democratic views comprised 26% of the population. In 1998, when the country's economy was in turmoil, the number had risen to 29%. By 2003, with Putin in power, the number of anti-democrats had shrunk to 'only' 17%" - Source - Oxford Analytica CIS Daily Brief - 3 Sep 07.

    A-J - I suspect that Russian people like him because he got the country back on the (Russian) straight and narrow. I wonder if the UK would vote for a politician like him? A Russian colleague thinks he's the dogs nuts and when I discuss politics with said Russkie I must admit things look different from where he is standing. I suspect the same is true about China.
  4. Sounds like an essay question.
  5. At least Ron stopped doing topless work after he became president.

  6. Bedtime for Bonzo, hmmm sounds a wee bit worrying if Putin did it
  7. Remember the Cuba Crisis?

    Now the Gimp wants Missiles in Poland and the Ukraine(?),who can blame Putin for wanting to get his military up tp scratch after such a blatant provocation,I don´t want a powerfull Russia but G.Bushs´tactics will force Putin to react.

    He´s also sitting on shed loads of gas and oil which comes in handy for financing more toys for the boys.

    Sometimes the Bush family don´t even consider the stupidity of their actions.