Is Venezuela heading towards a dictatorship?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by NEO_CON, Oct 11, 2005.

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  1. The answer is yes.

    Here are a few stories not covered in the MSM about the growing dictatorship in Venezuela.
  2. Venezula will become a dictorship if the US sucessfully sponsor a coup against it's democratically elected president just they did in Chile in 1973.

    The problem with your Yank is that you are b ad loser and like to move the goal poles when result do turn out in your result. The last thing you guys ever know is fair play!!
  3. It depends whether you define "evil dictator" as "anyone who disagrees with US policy2 or not, doesn't it? It looks like the Yanks are preparing the groundwork for a little "intervention".
  4. That was a another place and a another time during the cold war. Coup are a bad Idea . Take a look at what is happening in Venezuela now, not what happened in Chile 30 years ago. The Venezuelan democracy is dying and you are complaining about the US. There are bad things in this world independent of the US.
  5. Wake up and smell the stinkin commie.
  6. When HRW supports Chavez he has no problem with them. When they criticize Chavez their representative works for the CIA

  7. Did I miss something ? Have we turned into overnight ? I don't think so. So can we drop the "criticism of US policy = communism and enemy of the state" crap then please. Funnily enough, the Soviet Union was rather fond of that sort of approach, only they used the equation "criticism of Soviet Union policy = fascism and enemy of the state".

    And if you're wondering why we tend to be cynical about US policy towards Venezuela then consider s few things:

    There are far worse regimes out there doing appalling things to their inhabitants (eg Zimbabwe) but the US remains silent about them;
    Chavez has visibly annoyed the US administration by refusing to be a puppet a la Blair;
    Democracy might be wobbly but you don't defeat a coup attempt without genuine support;
    Said coup attempt was very dodgy in terms of outside assistance;
    They have oil.

    Any chance of an answer that doesn't refer to me as a commie, a liberal, moonbat, pinko eurofag or any of the other terms serving as a substitute for intelligent debate ?
  8. Well, looking at things from a "fair and balanced" perspective:

    Either: Chavez is a nutter who's created a cult of personality around himself and obviously is still far too much of a Colonel.
    He makes the USA his centre-piece villain in order to feed off latent distrust of Septics, and said Septics bite like Pavlov's dogs every time he makes a statement designed to increase his popularity.
    He is also disliked by Pat Robertson. Robertson is a man of the Lord. Therefore, the Lord does not like Hugo Chavez. "God bless America".

    Or: Chavez has begun social programmes for the rural poor, who are usually ignored by the white elite; and that coupled with his often unselfish use of Venezuela's oil wealth (providinig cheap oil to poor countries, etc.) is creating conditions that may allow at least some of South America's indigineous people to finally enfranchise themselves (the other hopefuls being the Bolivian Quechua people led by Evo Morales). Oh yeah, and the Yanks don't like him and the CIA is going to either assassinate him or take him out (...of the country and book him a free Sandals holiday). "God hates America (and doesn't exist)".

    You may choose one of these two opinions.
    You may not choose both, or a mixture thereof.
    Definition: Fair and balanced reporting is about defining both sides, then throwing yourself behind one and denouncing the others.
    Chavez is either good or evil.
    You can choose any opinion you want. As long as it's one of these two.

    What a great setup for a debate.
    There, are you happy now, Neo-Con? :)
  9. I see the usual suspects are giving Chavez a clean bill of health because he happens to treat the yanks with contempt.

    i see someone has mentioned that arrse is turning into because some individuals dare to criticise a regime that critizes the yanks. what a strange world we live in.

    i guess we will ignore the human rights abuses, flagrant disregard for personal rights, nationalisation on a massive scale, imprisionment of vocal opponents and general imcompentence of the current Chavez regime.

    i do wish the anti-yank bigots would get a grip! I see someone has mentioned the old myth of "yanks doing nothing about Zim"! hmmm, i suggest taking head out of arrse and read some proper news organ. Then you might find that US approach to Zim, like ex SoS Powell declaring Mugabe nothing better than a dictator, or current US admin suspension of all aid to Zim due to its dictatorial regime.

    but of course, never let the truth get in the way of a good anti-US rant, eh!
  10. It's not as if the British government, or anyone else for that matter, is doing anything about Zimbabwe either, is it?
  11. Plastic yank wrote:

    Detention without trial for 90 days?

    Arrest of a member of the public on somewhat spurious grounds for wearing a T-Shirt saying "B*ll*cks" to the Prime Minister?

    Network Rail?

    Ejection from a meeting and subsequent arrest under the Terrorism act of a pensioner who shouted "nonsense" during a conference?

    Ministers lose posts for, being generous, dubious dealings not once, not twice, but three times and end up with better posts; taking donations from dubious individuals in exchange for favours; and covering up failure of government departments by blaming anyone but themselves?

    Does this not all sound terribly familiar?
  12. "If you're not for us you're against us" - not much of a foreign policy is it ? Or are the US just trying to get rid of the few allies they haven't alienated yet ? Again, how about some debate that acknowledges the existence of viewpoints other than the two antagonistic ones those by the media to pander to political stereotypes ?

    As for, "Wake up and smell the stinkin commie." reminds me of the standard of debate encountered there.

    Frankly, Chavez does not get a clean bill of health. However, he's no better or worse than a lot of others out there. Why pick on him if not for the oil ? And that's a genuine question, not an attack on the good old USA, the Stars and Stripes, Moms apple pie etc.
  13. Chaveez is more than happy to sell people oil.
    This person who's writting these stories is part of that dodgy democracy and he doesn't seem to be as cavalier about it as you are.
    Zimbabwe is a worst HR abuser than Venezuela. The US condemns the abuses of Zimbabwe. The rank and file on the left will not condemn the HR abusers from their side of the spectrum. Maybe if your side of the spectrum would condem Chavez and his abuses, your side of the spectrum could stop the slide into dictatorship of Venezuela. Its a shame that a democratic country though imperfectly democratic as it was, is going to become a Zimbabwe like dictatorship.

  14. Maybe if the International community condemns his undermining of Democratic institutions loudly enough ,the democratic intuitions in Venezuela can be saved .You will be heroes.

    [align=center]The US can then go back to being criticized on other issues[/align].