IS Troop Survey

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Green_Manalishi, Jul 6, 2003.

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  1. Its over to you
  2. pap pesh etc.....what was the question?
  3. Green, is that post supposed to mean anything if yoy dont work in IS Tp?
  4. MY sentiments exactly.
  5. Doesn't mean fcuk all even if you do.
  6. Is there a bitch opportunity here? :D
  7. Maybe not 100% sure
  8. We could always use this opportunity to highlight the positive aspects of the Corps of Dingles/Cis Matters...
  9. mmmm...tumbleweed!
  10. Ok time to go me thinks
  11. pointless thread anyway :?
  12. Will PM GP3 Bunny...he is bound to sprout some blx that will leave everyone bewildered.

    How about the new boss? Heard it all b4, but got a warm fuzzy feeling about this one...or is that the vodka?
  13. good idea, need something to think over
  14. a brain is required to think! :?
  15. Wibblefishbanana, you Ex-REME waster. I will speak with your new master (Ex-Royal Artillery) and show him your pathetic musings in here. The sooner we get rid of dross like you (transplant) from the Royal Corps, the better.

    Now go away - (or words to that effect)

    Happy as Larry in Elmpt