is this wrong or is my way of thinking wrong?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by mucus, Jun 26, 2004.

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  1. If they have done as it is reported then yes they should have been sacked. I fail to see how talking to the press about something that has obviously been to court and been in the public interest, doesn't seem grounds for saking someone.

    They could always have left the jobs and went elsewhere, and surely the guard in question has to start his life somehow !!

    Mind you if it had been my child he had interfered with - I think I may feel more strongly about it !

    :? :? :?
  2. I would have thought the main question should be..... what the hell is a convicted criminal doing working for the MoD no matter what the charges.
    I would have thought it would leave them open to outside pressure and as such a security risk.

    That the others didn't want to work with him is understandable, and the only option open now is for all the guards to be convicted criminals so they can all get on with each other.

    The world once again proves that only the bad are protected under the law.
  3. Couldnt they post him to deep cut and let time take its course end of problem :lol:
  4. i reckon i f i was one of the guards i will be going to tribunal over this
  5. seems the dice is well and truely loaded in favour of the criminal elements these days. maybe they were wrong, but personally, i wouldnt want to work with someone of that background. :?
  6. I aggree with PP's point - what the hell are the MOD employing someone with his background - they new it would cause trouble.
    I believe in the rehabilitation of offenders - but not for kiddie fidlers, i think it would only be a matter of time before he was upto it again - speaking as a father of a young girl - he should have his nuts cut off - i'm sorry if this offends but it needs to be said.
  7. cut nuts off. couldnt agree more, if anyone did that to my two, id follow them to the ends of the earth for retribution :twisted:
  8. Few points....

    After 10 years working in a secure unit with sex offenders I know that trying to rehabilitate them is equal to me telling you all you can only bum each other, it goes against your nature. The sexual preferences we advance towards are set a long time before we actually have sex. Thus the gay at 7 argument.

    This guard will never be rehabilitated.

    What if it was a guy you worked with and each day he told you how much he liked what he did. How long before you hit him? What if it was a work mate telling you he'd said it to you, how long before you refused to work with him? What if you just knew about it, and had read the details in the local newspaper, could you look at him with anything other than disgust?

    He molested an 8-year-old girl.

    Somewhere tonight their is an 8 year old girl he touched and hurt and who will think about that and remember that and never know what it feels like to feel 100% safe ever again.

    Refuse to work with him? I’d refuse him the right to breathe air...

  9. Absulutely true - BBC for Prime Minister
  10. Absulutely true - BBC for Prime Minister

    that will do for me.

    public hanging / flogging anyone?
    and before ye moan, anyone heard of that scrote that got caned in singpore doing any graffiti recently? :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  11. ideal MOd employment options
    guard the impact area
    Porton down research subject
    fig 11 holder
    bonus round on the bayonet assualt course
    mine clearance
    non reactive armour strapped to something touring basra
    etc etc.
    thought the Offical secrets act applied criminals need not apply
  12. Are you on the right thread here or should you be assining these special treatments to those assigned to the pit :wink: :wink:
  13. Nuts cut off ,the end of the earth wouldnt save "it" from me or mine if, God forbid any one did anything to my daughter or son even.
  14. The tricky bit is topping them and getting away with it so you could still be around for your family. surley the mod could sack him for being a kiddie fiddler any way derserves place in pit