Is this why it was so popular all these years?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by vampire_pb, Oct 31, 2005.

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  1. Yes, that is what what did it for me

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  2. No, I just wanted a life indoors with no op tours

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  3. If I had known I would have gone for a cookie or two

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  1. Never could understand it myself, until I found this...

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  2. Isn't that the tiara lent to Camilla the other day? Right suitable for Princesses. :D
  3. and this is what you darksiders were missing all those years.

    Op Int & Sy was the only way to go, unless you were a mole ;)

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  4. This thread is obviously a sign of the fence checkers getting all jealous about a part of the job they will never know or understand (or really be able to do....)
  5. yep, can't you see i'm all broken up about it? got a tan too, pasty boy ;)
  6. See, the more the fence checkers talk, the more obvious their lack of knowledge becomes..............................

  7. MOD: Can we please add an option to say, 'all darksiders are strange and never for one minute, not even for a cookie, would I ever have considered joining them'

    Think we also need an option for all the sprogs, 'What's the dark side'
  8. Shouldnt you be busy doing some pointless filling task or printing out charts with pretty colours?


    (ps. fix your clock)
  9. A-a-a-a-a-a-nd.... RATTLE those padlocks, LICK those 102s, MEASURE those fences.
  10. Sorry, it was popular? A least you can admire the topping of a security fence in daylight............. There are quite a few Ex Op Int LE officers out there that only did a Sy Sect tour once they were comissioned - lucky b*stards!
  11. A number of commentators here seem to be glibly ignoring that following the 1982 Op CORPORATE intelligence debacle, large numbers of "padlock counters" were indoctrinated, to ensure that

    "intelligence was provided to those who needed it most, in time for it to be of use" Padlock counting is an equal part of the G2 Community, poorly served by the Dark Side in Peace Support Operations.

    I detect a hint of gentle shading here that suggests that intelligence is being collected here purely for the edification of those in the set room?

    Those of you in those shady places might stop a while and consider perhaps, where some of the leads you are provided with come from?
    Op STABLES, Geoffery PRIME, CT Britten and that Jolly Jack Tar from Leydene are all examples of what HUNMINT can do to your community.


    Nice to meet you last night + we still must do lunch but........
    There are some places where MoD form 102s are deemed unnecessary and they do not have a scooby what thier holdings are.

    At least the light side knows when something gets lost, before the Sun rings up MoD Sy. :wink:
  12. Pit Ponies all of em!
  13. Likewise good to meet up. Very useful session, I thought and I was hugely impressed with the quality of the young whippersnappers in their late 30s and early 40s we saw!

    True dat, our community had its share of spies, which suggests that they had something of interest to say to HIS :D

    Equally, the dark side community is not all setrooms - certainly wasn't for me, I spent a total of 2.5 years in static environments in 22 years' service.

    I see your lost docs and raise you laptops in tapas bars...
  14. I'm not a betting man, but I'm going to chuck my hand in now.

    ( You will see I only have " longstanding ukrainian girfriend in Larnaca, she said she was Czech" and "overlooked, unencrypted circuit in UKM***" to throw down :cry: )

    I'm pretty sure you are holding " pistol in sainsbury's" which will trump, most things at the moment :wink: