Is this true???

I hope it is true.

The Police seem to be doing a cracking job right now.

Thankfully, its not true, although people there were understandably jumpy after the bomb in 96.
There was a suspect car near the CSFB building, hence all offices were shut down & bomb alert procedures were followed, i.e. people moved away from windows to the centre of the buildings, until the Met gave the all clear.
Moving to INT CELL. Possibly a post to as well? :D
New Canary Wharf alert:

The Police are investigating a suspect package in West India Avenue. While the investigation is occurring, employees should not leave [the building] until further notice.

As a precautionary measure, please stay on the floor you are on and move away from the windows until the investigation is completed.

We will update you when the situation changes.
Further to the earlier announcement, the Police has given the 'all clear' and employees can now move freely around the building.
Either the Met are on the ground at CW in light of last week's incident or the security staff have been given caffeine jabs - they never looked the most alert of people when I worked there!
The Brit Gov is traditionally sensitive where 'The City' is concerned, remember what they gave Gerry after his lads performed there.
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